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    Howdy just wanted to introduce myself, name is Sue and I've been riding a scooter for about 5 years now. Been living in wonderful South Carolina for about ten years now about 15 miles from Myrtle Beach. I love riding, but don't like paying so much money for a bunch of plastic that starts falling apart 2 months after purchase. Yes, I buy the cheap Japanese ones, but I'm a full time student kind of hard to save a few grand for a decent scooter. Thinking about investing in a four stroke bicycle engine kit and have no idea where to start looking for a durable and reliable engine kit. I know that I don't want a 2 stroke because of the mixed gas situation and less gas mileage. Have a mountain bike that I was hoping to install the engine kit on. Will continue to read the forums. Thanks, any advice is appreciated!! May every rider be safe.
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    Welcome to the form it's nice to see a woman on the form not to many of them here.
    If you can afford it go American made , If not then go wilt a company that offers some kind of warrant.
    I made the mistake of not finding this site first and asking questions, almost got riped off if not for Pay-Pal I would off , so do yourself a favor and go to the the vendor review page, check out the reviews so you know a good dealer from a bad one.
    I Love my bikeberry china 4 stroke kit, runs great, I did not like the 2 stroke kits for the mixing and the peddle start did not like that either.
    encase you would like to check out a vendor with the BBB
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    Thanks appreciate the tips and I pay for almost everything online with Pay-pal!
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    Yes, nice to see a woman here, BG. In my first post, I mentioned the strange lack thereof. Messing with engines *may* be a guy thing, but riding is fun for everyone. Welcome.

    I'm a newbie myself, and like you, I haven't put together my first motored bicycle. With regard to that, I would say, "Search is your friend." There is quite a bit of accumulated wisdom here, and the vibe (despite the occasional "handbag fight") is pretty friendly.

    I, for one, would enjoy hearing about your progress and the direction you take.

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    I'm from Rock Hill, SC but live in Oak Ridge, TN now. There's several good dealers out there. I personally use Staton, Inc. By the way there are several good Japanese engines. It's the Chinese ones that often need upgrades.