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I've always been fascinated by small engines...Love modifying things....
Into RC cars, Diesel trucks, and other mechanical things....I run a lawn care/landscaping co so I use all kinds of neat stuff like back hoes, dozers, etc....

I am working on a 3 speed trans for our motor bikes as we speak...Prototype should be done shortly and I will hopefully market them through Duane at Dax....If there is enough interest (I did a poll buy I think the admin deleted them thinking it was spam....It wasn't meant to be...Just trying to improve our bikes....Yes a little money wouldn't hurt either...hey at least I'm honest!

I would really like to find somebody here who can make a tuned pipe for my Chinese 70 CC I got through Dax....

Also, A friend of mine makes custom motorcycle sprockets and can make
sprockets for our bikes in any size out of 7075 t651 aluminum....Strong tough and light if anybody is interested in a custom size sprocket....I had a 40 Tooth made for me....Just the right size I think (I live in a semi hilly area and wanted a little more top end....Dax's 36 was a little too tall a gear...and the 44 was a little on the low side.

Anyways, that's me in a nutshell,

Lets get to Modding!




hi andrew :)

it sure sounds like you'll fit in 'round here...i only deleted the duplicate polls, but left one active. i'm not sure you'll like the results, so far, but who knows? if you need a beta-tester, PM me ;) (<---that's a joke. or is it?)

tuned pipe...hmmm, check the existing topics about that one, mucho
info but not good news for the "happy time" user i think :(

if you're serious about offering custom sprockets, feel free to post a little bit about them in our "buy/sell/trade" forum, just make sure to make actual sales off the public forum, ie, thru PM or website.

hope you have fun here, there's lots of fabricators and mad scientists with all sorts of bubbling cauldrons on the fire, there's bound to be something that catches your eye...so...

welcome to MBc 8)


Active Member
Dec 15, 2006
welcome to MBc Andrew ! :D
the trans sounds interesting, keep us informed on it's progress
another mag scientist joins the party !!! :LOL: 8) 8)