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    I'm not really new to this sight, Ive just read posts and threads. I live in Olathe KS, own 3 bikes all with the 67cc HT engine kits installed. My main bike I ride to school about 5 miles away it has a 36t sprocket installed so I cruise at 35 and top out at 40. I plan on making a 6.5hp swivel trike just like the one motormaker has posted up a while back but right now with how cold it is outside that project will probably start a week or two before spring. I do wear a dirt bike helmet and goggles every time I ride. The cops surprisingly aren't really an issue Ive ridden past them topped out just to see if they will do anything but they just do what everyone else does, stare. State law says these bikes are under the same legislation as a pedal bike so I live in a pretty lax state. Anyways hello to everybody hope to talk to you guys soon.

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    Welcome aboard. We're glad you found us.

    sounds like you've already got your ride. Photos would be good.

    Have fun.
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    Hi neighbor.
    I'm located about 4 hours south of Olathe. (that's 4 hours. on a motored bike, at 25mph. haha)

    Have you seen the KC social group?
    I never said it was an active group... :grin5: but it could be.

    Welcome to MBc