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  1. Blake

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    High I,m Blake and I have a Bridgestone 2cycle titan 1000 35 cc and 48cc
    48cc for summer and 35cc for winter. My drive system is a chain drive-supe
    My 35cc Bridgestone has been through 3 winters and a couple of summers already. My 48cc has been through 2 summers.
    I finally found a way in to some of the parts section on the web. I could not get through their viper section and thats not my system nor what I want.
    I have the Bridgestone Titans ( with chain drive )
    So I finally just punched in "Bridgestone 2 cycle and it took me to the Bridgestone outbord boat motor and I found carbs and part numbers that fit my motors so now I can order my parts over the phone.
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  2. PatrickW

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    Sounds like you have a plan going, Blake. And, welcome to MBc. Read all you can, and use our search function. You are in the company of some top-notch talent, too.
  3. Blake

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    Thank you for the welcome PatrickW and glad to meet you and the rest, - I got an Email reply today from the dudes for my Bridgestone Titans and they told me to be sure carbs will fit cause they got order for 1 - 1.5hp and 1 -2hp so that,s is super response so I replied to them that I want two of each if thats the price on their price list
    I sure hope this goes through then I won,t worry about spare carbs for along time