High Perfomace 66cc 2-stroke Pantera 7-speed Shifter

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  1. KCvale

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    I don't make a habit of posting my builds in the Main but I am particularly impressed with how this build came out so I simply had to share ;-}

    It's a pretty cool story actually, well for me anyway.

    A guy in the Army stationed in Germany and was about to retire on disability and even though he has built a couple to ride there he wanted me to build him a performance shifter and then ship it to Virgina when got state side.

    He had the bike and some of the performance parts shipped direct to me along with with a prepaid bicycle shipping box.


    And talk about cable management...
    There are 7 cables going to the handlebars and this is what he sees from the seat riding ;-}


    It's not too shabby from the front either.


    Here's a better look and how I managed to get a 3-point SBP X-chamber mount from the back.


    She sports a 66cc Skyhawk with an Iridium plug and my custom complete re-wire of the electrical system with Keylock ignition.
    A Delorto carb and yes, they rock but IMO not that much more than a well tuned CNS2 kit carb can for $100+ more but I like it.
    SBP JS kit and front motor mount.
    SBP X-chamber with a 3-point custom mount.
    Nice HD springer front shock with a C brake, V on the back, and both going to a SBP 'Teeter Totter' dual pull brake lever on the right.
    Speedo and a really cool adjustable 2 shaft with foot kick stand.

    All in all a kick butt bike I am proud to put my name on ;-}

  2. Lunardog

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    Amazing looking build. I hope you signed it!
  3. KCvale

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    Thanks Lunardog.
    Yes I signed it, with my engine stickers on both sides ;-}
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    Very nice, indeed!
  5. LR Jerry

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    You've out done yourself again.
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  7. KCvale

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    Thanks for the Kudos guys but it's short lived.

    It's just a nice black high performance 2-stroke, I have built a few and like them but it's on to other things I haven't tried yet now.

    Big Red is on his back tires up on the shop floor now getting the final adjustments on his SBP 4-stroke shift kit chains before I put him back up on his tires down feet and 85% done.

    A 4-stroke pull start 3-speed shifter on a candy apple red full fendered bike that stands out like a fire truck on fire.
    That would be a sight wouldn't it? A fire truck on fire?
    That's the look I'm going for with Big Red right down to the two tone red/black gas tank with flame decals HAHAHAHAHA!

    Ya, sometimes it's nice to just go ahead and go crazy with something, maybe it will sell, maybe not, but I'm having fun building him and will no doubt have fun riding him as well ;-}