High Performance Engine Building A-Z

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by 210061741, May 5, 2010.

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  1. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    I am starting this thread to share the good stuff with all of you.
    It will be very detailed and show you step by step all the aspects of performance engine building.

    I will cover:

    Gathering the data: all the information you will need to design a performance engine and use the M.S. Excell engine calculator i will provide.

    General Engine Rebuilding and Bearing Upgrading.

    Cylinder Porting tools and how to successfully port your engine.

    Hybred Cylinder Kit upgrading: How to use a non-Chineese Cylinder Kit with the chineese bottom end.

    High Compression Head Modification.
    How to modify the Puch High compression head for top performance on your chineese engine.

    Performance carburation
    How to tune the Dellorto PHBG.

    Expansion chambers what to look for when buying one and how to make your own.

    I have 3 major projects that i am about to start.

    #1 is build a high performance engine for V-Teck

    #2 Build the Chineese Engine with the Puch Reed Induction Cylinder Kit.

    K-Star Cylinder Kit.
    I got my cylinder kit today and it looks super nice. I can actually see the crosshatch pattern in the cylinder bore from the honing operation. The plating is much thicker and the porting is quite different.
    I will go over all the aspects of this monster.

    Take a look....very reasonable cost.

    And will be using the puch 70cc high comp head with a slightly modifyed chamber sorry i bought the last 1 but they will get more quick.

    My third project will be building a Motorbecane AV10 engine from the ground up. Using the stock Variator and the stock clutch pully on a jackshaft for the drive. This is gonna be superb. Expensive but superb. With the Variator and clutch pully you actually have a CVT.

    Love me or hate me there is no denying i can build a very fine engine.
    I hope you guys will follow this thread and participate it's sure to be interesting.

    Seems latly my post are being boycotted. If thats gonna be the case here i myeswell just put all this on my own site.

    I started out here on MotoredBikes and would enjoy sharing this with all of you. So if your interested in this let me know otherwise why should i waste my time.

    Riding Rich

  2. G-Superior

    G-Superior Member

    thats what everyone is waiting for!(or at least me!)

    You got some cool stuff there do teach us Rich!:D
    and bet you can make engines better than anyone else, so you better get started:rolleyes7:, will take lots of time to do all that in the list but its worth the knoledge that we all will get from it!
    Good luck Rich with all that you do and hope to see some cool stuff from you soon:D
  3. a/c man

    a/c man Member

    We all want more..
    More ideas, more options, and the vicarious thrill of watching someone take these thing where no one has cared to adventure. I think of you as the premier educated mad scientist of motorbiking. ...
    Keep up the good work ..
    I wish I had some of those mopeds that everyone used to make fun of back
    in the late 70's when I was a teenager.Too many cool things have become extinct. Two strokes will always be the s!#$t so far as I'm concerned.
    The world awaits your next move.
  4. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    A little inspiration .....a short rippin vid with my modifyed HT cylinder / Polini Reed Valve.

    Definatly created by a mad scientist.....I alumiwelded the reed block to the back of the cylinder. This thing has off the hook bottom end all the way to 40MPH. From start to end it's in the power band. Check it out.


    I got my cylinder kit today and i'm very pleased. The bore is nikisil and it's much higher qyality than any chineese engine.

    I'll post a video of it in a wile.
  5. 2canPlay

    2canPlay New Member

    thanks for the vid!

    quiet residential area and a small back road, posted speed limit 25mph, it takes about two blocks to just catch up with the soccer mom putting along, yet your trusty speedometer reads almost 40? wait a minute, 25mph is 40kph.

  6. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    Ok so here is a video showing the engine i'm gonna rebuild and the kit i have for the second project. Take a look.


    We are going to get right into things in a little bit here.
  7. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    General Terminology

    We will be using terminology you may not have heard of before.
    So here is some general engine building language.

    Bore= The diameter of the hole in the cylinder - usually expressed in mm

    Stroke= The distance between TDC and BDC usually expressed in mm

    TDC= Top Dead Center, the piston at the top of the stroke

    BDC= Bottom Dead Center, the piston at the bottom of the stroke

    ATDC= After Top Dead Center, usually used with a measure of degrees of crankshaft rotation or distance in millimeters

    BTDC= Before Top Dead Center, usually used with a measure of degrees of crankshaft rotation or distance in millimeters

    Deck height= The distance between the top edge of the piston crown (with the piston at TDC) to the edge of the cylinder liner.

    cm^2= square centimeters

    cm^3= cubic centimeters

    cm= centimeters

    mm= millimeters

    The mean= the average, in this case it is the average in degrees of crankshaft rotation

    Front transfer ports the main transfer ports= they're the closest to the exhaust port(s)

    Rear transfer Ports= a secondary set of ports = placed rearward of the mains. Also called 5th ports - This comes from a 2 stroke engine design with a single exhaust port and a pair of transfer ports - that's all. Add a pair or ports behind the mains and you have 5 ports.

    Boost port= a steeply angled (usually 50 to 65 degrees upward) port directly opposite the exhaust port(s) - sometimes called the bust port.

    Auxiliary intake ports Passages leading to the transfer port tunnels which are extended from the intake area without entering the crankcase. Also called Boyesen ports.

    Before we can do anything we need to research some of the engine data and we need to gather the information we will need for the software and our own use. You will need either a good source for the engine specifications or a set of Calipers or Micrometers to measure with. Accuracy is important and your tape measure won't help here. As we work through this i will provide the data we need.
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  8. This is beyond ridiculous...

    Do you really consider yourself in the same, recognition, catergory as Pops Yoshimura? What a joke!

    I have years of experience with engines, and I would never claim to be the guru of 2-cycle engines. Those who came before us Rich learned the hard way...BY RACING, AND DOING WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN!!!

    You present a bunch of silly drivel...

    You couldn't even figure out what needed to be changed in my billet head...I gave you one...for free!...and you dropped the ball! I had to stop what I was doing for 2 days and do a test and tune session. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DO THAT...But NO, you don't have the experience to provide feedback.

    Common layman **** is all I got back...and that wasn't even direct...it was posted on the forums.

    Jims head makes my motor PING...It makes my motor overheat! Yes idiot...It had too much compression to start with...As an expert tuner you couldn't figure that out???

    Don't mess with me Rich...I don't care about your projects...I'll leave you alone to have fun with the ying yang rod...and whatever you decide to embark on.

    Just stop bashing those who gave you free stuff!!!

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  9. flyingpez

    flyingpez Member

    just an FYI "yourself" is one word. therefore you do not need the "ys"
  10. I make no assumptions Rich...you are learning...which is good!!!

    You made the mistake of taking your learning adventure to the next level...and bashed those who have already been there!

    You were given a lot of free stuff...you should really be ashamed of yourself!!!

  11. tommygun442

    tommygun442 New Member

    whoooo!!!!, this is just too much drama to not join in, JERRY!!!,JERRY!!!-LOL, OK GUYS ITS TIME TO FORGET WHAT WE KNOW AND FELT AND JUST MOVE BACK ON TO MOTORED BIKES HUH?!!who cares how good someone is, or what they know, or how kool they are, theres only one way i can think of settling this, we are all attending the death race next year.....
  12. flyingpez

    flyingpez Member

    drink up boys because a ****ing contest has begun!
  13. tommygun442

    tommygun442 New Member

    a salute, to motorized bicycles and all of us who keep this sport, hobby, and lifestyle alive, rock on.... rich, badass reed valve goin on, looks very kustom, cant wait to hear it roar...
  14. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    I have done nothing to be ashamed of.

    It is you jim who collects peoples money and holds it for 3 months until you can buy the stock to make there parts.

    Everything i have done has been non profit.

    Justin recieved 6 ported cylinders from me.
    That pays for the carb and the pipe and the reed block easily.

    The engines i have were broken ones which were returned to Justin and he gave to me to fix. So he aint out nothing there.

    Your head cost me 3 engines.
  15. No ****ing contest here...:grin5: Gitter done is what we do in the shop everyday.

    I welcome anyone to come to my shop and work for a day...it's not baby games...it's work!!!

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  16. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    You see Jim with all your expierience i guessed the head would HAVE BEEN CORRECTLY DESIGNED. I assumed wrong as well.

    Having so much expierence you shoul know you need a minimum of .035 inches clearence between the piston and the head.

    However you insisted on .020 which didn't allow for rod stretch and ripped the studs right out of my crankcase.

    Your'e defiatly a pro.
  17. Your head cost me 3 engines.

    Sooooo...You admit that you have zero 2-cycle tuning knowledge?

  18. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    Just to proove how smart you are im going to measure every last grain of your head and post the real total surface area of the fins.

    Allthough you claim much more area i bet the stock head has you beat.

    And the cheap 30 dollar puch head has 10 times the surface area.

    HUMMMM maybe thats why it don't ping.
  19. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    Jim i been building engines for 20years bud.

    Try again.

    Whers your billet engine????

    OOPS i forgot you couldn't get it to run.

    Dud get a life and leave me alone before you really regret it.
  20. The con-rod doesn't stretch .020"...You've just made yourself look like an idiot again.