High Performance Intake Manifold

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by sportscarpat, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. sportscarpat

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    Tired of grinding out the stock intake manifolds for better flow and port matching? I have been building these custom port matched intakes for the two strokes. Here is a shot of the manifold before I hit it with the scotch brite pad. Ported stock aluminum on the left, custom one on the right. I made a CAD drawing of the old flange perimeter and then carefully measured and drew up the cylinder port. Laser cut a bunch of cylinder matched stainless flanges. I then made a small die to press the round tube to the rectangle shape of the cylinder port so the flow path smoothly contours into the cylinder. Tig welded together. These manifolds really open up the two strokes. Seems to make the engine run smoother, also.
    Here is one cleaned up and mounted on a build that still has a ways to go. Don't worry about the carb, it's just a junk spare used for fitting purposes.
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  2. Fabian

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    That's an excellent solution.

    I'm potentially your first customer.

    How much is the shipping cost to Melbourne, Australia and how much is the tig welded intake tube worth and how do i pay for the item.

  3. Drunkskunk

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    Nice, I'll be your second customer!
  4. sportscarpat

    sportscarpat New Member

    I will have them available first part of next week.
  5. superbee

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    did i miss the price?

    how much you asking?
  6. give me vtec

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    Nice job, pretty good looking piece.

    I would like one... what kind of carb do you use with it???
  7. sportscarpat

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    Hi guys,
    I should have them available on Monday and they work with any 3/4" slip on carb like the NT and CNS carbs. $40.
  8. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    I am located in Melbourne (Australia)

    How much is shipping to Australia and how do i pay for the intake manifold?

  9. sportscarpat

    sportscarpat New Member

    Paypal works for me. Shipping? I have never shipped to Australia but don't have have a problem with it. Let me check with the shipping department at my work. You have followed this thread so we'll figure something out. Do you want just one?
  10. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Yes, just one item.

    Obviously the purchase is dependent on the total amount and if the shipping cost makes it an economic proposition because i'm actually in the market for a Pirate Cycles Reed Valve Intake System, but until it comes on-stream, i want something better than the standard intake tube.

    At this point in time, your much improved intake system is actually a stop gap measure for my preferred induction method.

  11. sportscarpat

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    Manifolds are ready and more are coming. Reports from guys running them are great. I can include a port matched exhaust flange as well for another $2. Your current exhaust flange would then be cut off and the new one welded on. Email me if you need a manifold, exhaust flange or both.
  12. Pat's manifolds are the bomb!! :helmet:
  13. Drunkskunk

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    I found mine on my doorstep this morning as I got home.
    Freaking Amazing! I compared it to the stock intake from Spookytooth, and will be throwing the stock pipe away.

    I sure wish I could weld that well!
  14. thine82

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    i want one... maybe two
  15. V 35

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    I wish someone made an ' adjustable ' intake to level carb with top tube, real problem solver for ' girl's ' bike, or other non standard application . Your idea sounds great, I hope you find distributors.
  16. steelfan41

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    Are you still making the intake? If so how much and shipped to AZ zip code 85716. Thanks.
  17. a/c man

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  18. gothicguy64

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    u looked at rse,s inlet fabian ?

  19. impression

    impression Member

    I have the same carb as the one in the picture and i find it quite good.