High Performance or best quality CDI/7mm upgrade ?, does one exist?

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    I'm overhauling a HT Lemon I recently purchased & am a noob to the MBc world. So I am wanting to replace my CDI with one that preferably has copper wiring or even better a 7mm wire and good boot. Right now I have a cracked boot and the boot doesn't even "pop" onto the plug nipple & the wire pops off the CDI itself once in awhile. I have read posts on using 7mm and I can go with that as a preferred option, as I believe my current CDI is fine, but I don't see how to make a different wire fit any better then the one that's popping off. So maybe I just need help on fitting the wire. Unless there is a 7mm or High Performance CDI out there...

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    there is a reg that sells better cdi


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    Could you provide me a little more info please & thanks.

  5. I simply got a plug wire from AutoZone and crimped a small piece of wire on the end OF wire to fit stripped end that wascrimpped left insulation on, soldered where I crimped then svreweed it into the CDI. Pull rubber boot sown over a smidge of good silicone, VOILA!!!
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    I bought one from Jag. Waiting on arrival. Will do a review post of it when I get it installed.
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    You do know that most every spark plug has a fat nipple screwed on the connection, yet most every 2-stroke spark boot requires that be removed first right?

    Trying to force the connector over the fat screw on plug end will simply break the boot.
    Sadly most every kit ships a spark plug with the end on and a CDI requiring it be off.

    A an easy way to take the nub off is hold the plug in the plug removal tool, and use pliers, vise grips or channel locks to take the plugs nipple off so you just have threads on the plug ;-}