High Power Lighting (on a budget)

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    As normal, I'm always looking to obtain more lighting for my bike (you can never truly have enough). The more light you have emmiting from your location, the easier it's going to be for others on the road to see you which, in turn, significantly lowers the chances of an accident or other related problems due to insufficient visibility.

    The only problem is that, more often than not, halfway decent lighting tends to be quite expensive in order to apply it corectly. I've visited dozens of different forums and review sites trying to find good headlamps or headlights for the consumer with shallow pockets. This can be a very daunting task, and usually leads you down to a price range of around $40 for sufficent lighting.
    This is actually very do-abale for most, and tends to be the best way to go.
    But let's see if we can go even cheaper :piggy:...
    Previously I used a Coleman headstrap lamp [100 lumens] and another knock off brand (19 LED's), that I lashed to my frame via zip-ties just to get me by. They were quite bright, and suitable for my application, so I left them on for about 4 months.... Till I found something brighter and less expensive than both. old brightness 2.jpg
    old lights.jpg
    The information that I've gathered over the past year suggests trying to achieve at least 1,000 lumens or more (as bright as the average car headlights). That's pretty darn bright! But, with motorists being as crazy as they are nowadays, something like that would definitely pay off. So I continued my search for cost effective lighting :detective:.
    Then, just last night, I was at Home Depot looking for miscelaneous parts for household repairs, when I wandered into the "Holiday Gift Deals" section that they had recently setup. That's when I saw an unassuming 2-pack of Defiant HD-120TB52 headlamps, rated at 100 lumens each. How cool is that?! :cool: 36f62cbf-c6c4-47ae-bb80-22239dc39814_300.jpg
    What's better, is that they were on sale for only about $10 and some change after tax! I really liked the sound of that! It didn't take much for me to just snatch up a package of them and head to the checkout line.

    I got home and immediately installed the included batteries and switched one of them on. Holy cow, were they bright! :eek:nline2long:
    This was definitely brighter than my current lights. Brighter than both of them together actually! :shocked3: So I installed them, with a little finaggling, and was deeply pleased with the results; headlights 3-5x brighter than what I was previously using.
    new brightnes.jpg
    new brightness 2.jpg

    This is how I mounted them...
    new lights mounted.jpg
    ziptie 1.jpg
    ziptie 2.jpg
    ziptie 3.jpg

    What's great about these is that they take 3 normal AAA batteries, use a Cree LED, have a very wide beam, have a pretty low profile, and a battery time listed on the packaging of about 7 hours. I'm actually considering going to pick up another pack for spares!

    Needless to say, for anyone wanting to, even temporarily, buy some inexpensive lights for their setup, I would highly recomend these little guys! Here's the link for them on Home Depot's website: http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v/R-203409159/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&keyword=led+headlamp&storeId=10051

    Hope you all enjoy, and as always, be safe out there.