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    Re:worksman crusier bike w/edge dimension honda 50 cc advantage friction drive setup. looking for a high quality, high mileage balloon tire(s) size 2X1.25 or slightly larger.
    seriously considering the "FAT FRANKS" offered by Schwalbe #60-559, specifically the creme coloured ones.
    would any one like to share your thoughts on this product, any info would be appreciated!
    bike & engine about 80+lbs.
    "slenderella" "bout 250+lbs.
    roo dude

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    Out of experience, I can say you might have trouble fitting a tire wider than 2.125 between two chains like in basic set ups. But Ive seen people go as wide as 3" with the felt thick brick with an SBP jack shaft kit (shifts the drive torque to the regular bicycle chain, eliminating the need for a second chain/sprocket on the rear hub).
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    I'm using a 2.1 WTB mountain bike tire on a coaster hub with a Downhill racing rim. The tire clears the chains, but barely on the left motor chain.

    I think Maxxis makes a lot of durable BMX type tires in 26"x1.75 and 2.0 with checker treads (smooth rolling on street and grabby on dirt).

    Cheng Shen in China makes heavy duty industrial smooth tires in 1.75 and 2.0 sizes for about $10-20 (google Niagara Cycle Works on ebay from NY USA).

    Kenda and Geaux produce the mountain bike slicks that I am using now.

    Here is a good 2.0 wide profile mountain bike slick $20
    IRC Metro wire bead [​IMG]