High Quality HT needle bearing cross reference found!!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by mountain80, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. mountain80

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    So after some sleuthing with my dad who has repaired small engines forever we finally found a better needle bearing for the HT top end. By better I mean that it is higher quality and will take 13,000 rpm easily(overkill). Go to you're stihl dealership and order a top end needle bearing for a stihl 028. This bearing measures 10mm id x 14mm od x 13 mm long. I measured the rod and pin. It is a straight drop in. Should be able to handle high rpms better now. Thought I would share it with all.


  2. spunout

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    thats good to know. what brand name of HT motor do you have? i have heard that not all connector rod bearing holes (of different HT motors) are the same size.
  3. mountain80

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    Just a generic pk 80, if its a bushing top end then may or may not fit.
  4. hot70cc

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    I found this bearing about 8 months ago and people wanted to know the size of it, so thanks for size update.
  5. bluegoatwoods

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    I guess I'd better take this chance to learn a bit.

    Just where on the engine are these bearings located and what purpose do they serve?

    I'm having a hard time picturing any bearings at the top of a 2 stroke engine.
  6. HoughMade

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    Top end of the con rod.
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    Okay, that would make sense.

    Now how about the crank end of the connecting rod? Are the stock bearings good enough or should we be looking for something better.

    I've seen advice suggesting that splitting the crankcase is not something to be done lightly. But I'm gathering that someone who is careful can do this?
  8. BSA

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    Forgive my ignorance but I've always been confused about how to replace busings or bearing cages. Do I need any special tools?

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  9. Gungatim

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    you need a press, you may be able to heat up the rod a bit to help things out with a heat gun. the cages are fragile and easy to lose the bearings, so be careful!
  10. BSA

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    Thanks very much, I havn't got a press but I'm sure my metyalwork teacher will put me on the right track.

  11. mountain80

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    You do not need a press to take the needle bearing out it is what they call an open cage meaning the needles contact the rod as well as the wrist pin, just slide one out and the other in.
  12. 210061741

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    I hope this size is correct.

    If it is you guys rock.

    The local mower shop here stocks them.

    Is it the bearing for the chainsaw sprocket?