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    I've got this old road bike that I ride everywhere and use most every time I have the chance to ride. It's by far my favorite and my fastest bicycle. I'd like to see if I can set myself up to maintain 30+ mph cruising on flat land with the help of an engine for extended periods.

    I'll use a chain drive from the engine to the largest of the gears on freewheel with a tensioner somewhere. I want to run a ratio to where the trimmer gives me some extra oopmh in the 20 mph+ range. I think with an 8-10 tooth sprocket on the engine I'll be right on target.

    For motors I've got a 42 cc chainsaw, a 30 cc blower, and a 25 cc trimmer. I just bought the lot for $60. The latter two will run on starting fluid but need carb work. They should be operational within the next day or two.

    I've got a couple other builds in the pipeline too I'll post up as they develop.

    Here's the bike:


    Here's an old $300 build with an "80cc" china motor


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