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Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Bzura, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. Bzura

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    So I've been working on my bike for months now, and it's almost finished up. I've been riding it more & more, and about 2 weeks ago, after getting back from a ride with a big smile on my face, my wife decided that she wants her own MB. She looked at bikes, I looked at bikes, and I decided on a Cranbrook 24" boy's bike. When it arrived she rode it as a bicycle, and it got her perfectly.

    Today, after finishing 2 other bikes, I wrapped up hers. I had to test ride it to make sure everything was aligned, etc, and it must have been quite the spectacle. Me, 6'1" tall riding around on my 5' tall wife's bike that was built for a boy. Haha. It was actually pretty fast when I rode it, and she was flying at half throttle. I still need to put on the front brake, but it's finished otherwise.

    Oh, and the shiny new pipe on mine was just put on this afternoon. Just as it started raining. I had a Torquer 2 from Arrow on there, and I decided to try out something a bit different. It's a pocket bike pipe, and I have no idea how it's going to perform, but it "looks" very similar to the one on Arrow's website. image.jpg

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    I found myself looking over a 24" wheeled Cranbrook a while back for motorizing. I should have bought it. It looks great with a China Girl.
  3. sactownie

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    wish my wife was into these motorbikes. Feel lucky man
  4. Fabian

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    Just wait till the first time she burns her leg on the exhaust pipe - the dream run of matrimonial bicycle harmony will be over in an instant!
  5. Aidan

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    I've got a very similar bike to hers, except mines the 26". Great bike with a nice ride but i will warn you about the fender, mine came off spontaneously and threw me only a few days into my ownership of the bike.
  6. motor7

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    Nice bikes
  7. V 35

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    Good looking bikes, I question the high exhaust, with a little bending, the stock pipe fits a cruiser frame . I'm sure the expansion chamber helps climb the hills . I question the durability / safety of the Huffy Wheels, and would suggest heavy duty mountain bike wheels, and a clamshell type sprocket drive, which prevents the wheel from 'torqueing ' itself to death. Cruiser bike tires fit MT. Bike wheels. Yes, get rid of the fenders, or fab up some ' serious ' bracing, out of steel strapping . Be thankful your wife is into it .
    One last thing ... I like the Combo Brake lever, set front brake loose, only comes on during a hard grab, slight squeeze slows rear wheel only, no loss of gyroscopic force .