Historical Prejudice, going on near you also?

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    I will not and do not want this thread to become one filled with hatred. I will not hold it against the Mods if they shut it down for that reason...

    I absolutely cannot believe whats going on in NY State. In face of all time high deficits, our Black,Blind and dumb Governor decided to pass this legislation. Mind you we are broke to the point where they were talking about taxing even water!

    When you look at the Demographics of this legislation, you could plainly see where this money is going and I'm outraged at lack of accountability for it's spending by the individuals recieving it!

    Is this going on near you also?


    It seems as tho, "redistribution" of wealth is in fact color blind because they must consider white's and black's that work a shade. While there are some Black leaders who feel that what's going on is nonsense. The overwhelming majority of black elected officials are for these laws, (maybe they don't know what it's like to work)?

    My message and point to this are, If you work in NY and have a black co-worker next to you. Put all prejudice aside (if there is any), and explain to that person how bad we're getting f u c k e d by the one's sitting home.
    Remind that person of the tax increases that where hotbed of debate (sponsored by our Governor).

    This is one more way our government is trying to stir racial smokescreens while officials line their pockets. That person your working next too (of different race) will be more prone in the long run to put themselves in your shoe's. It's plain to see whats going on here and with discussion of the matter, you might gain a trusted friend.

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    Whoa - I could sure use 200 bucks for my kid's back to school supllies!

    Remember Marty, you didn't elect that cross-eyed, speech impaired idiot - you elected the ***** chasing dooshbag hypocrite who had to resign! :jester:
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    That's - W H O R E CHASING

    And YES, I know how to spell D O U C H E!

    I had intentionally misspelled W H O R E with an 0 instead of an O, but it still got filtered!

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    you and arceeguy could cover 1 kid if you pitched in 100 bucks each.
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    wh0re ?


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    I'll pitch in 100 bucks to buy a one way ticket to send them to Cuba or Venezuela.

    Oh - alright - must've been my mistake. No need to be a d0uche! :jester: :rofl:
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    Is it not absurd? The people recieving the money are not even held accountable to show how it was spent... It just goes on their EBT card!

    The majority of the black people who work up here, hate Governor Patterson and even use the N word to describe him, sayin I work I'm not one of HIM!
  8. machiasmort

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    My point to this is, talk to the guy next to you at work. Just because they are a different color or race, don't mean you won't make sense. It's more important now than ever because these blow-holes at the top are tryin to infuriate a race war and it's wrong!
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    Marty - I think you are missing the point.

    This is stimulus money that is being spent on people that already get public assistance. This is what we are mortgaging our future for. (votes from people that are dependent on gubmint)

    Race has nothing to do with it.
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    Is Al Sharpton running the program? Yes even up here the people who aren't white watch thier tax money get poured down the drain and don't like it one bit either.

    They work just as hard to earn what they get. Even harder if you consider they don't get offered the best and easiest jobs.

  11. machiasmort

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    I don't begrudge anybody for taking advantage of the system. I begrudge the system for allowing them to do so! The $200 per kid is fine by me, there's really people who need it.

    The problem is no accountability, although the money is paid on a trackable card!

    If they trace the card, they'll be screaming prejudice! It's nonsense. I've had people offer me outlandish things inorder to pay for a pizza! All of which I know were welfare card related! $50 worth of steak ect. The abuses are rediculess and our lawmakers are behind it!

    Instead of clothes for their kid, they'll trade something for a gun and the kid will wind up finding it and going to school with it! Then they'll want to take ours!

    This whole system is out of touch and kilter with whats going on out there. I'm affraid your correct AG but there are some serious demographical racial quality's to it. I feel because I'm white and want to work the whole world is against me... No free points on tests, no 1st time buyer, no cash for clunker but yet I pay for it all delivering pizza's. How does this work?
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    I've been hearing alot about something that reminded me to post to this thread. Seems a lot of Women lately have been getting caught DUI w/kids in their car, prompting our Governor to intitiate a Statewide crackdown...

    Now I'm just currious? Do you think the number of women driving drunk went up or do you think the number of guy's went down and the PoPo have a quota to meet so it's time to pick on the girlies?

    Don't know if any of my Brothers here have ever suffered the misfortune of a DUI but I will tell you my DUI Class was 35 males to 1 female!

    Once again, I don't know what kind of bars you guy's drink in? Females do go out for a few and they do also drive! What gives here?

    Historically prejudiced against once again, If I want to go out for a few after a 90 degree day, I'll have to walk accross the road that only females are allowed to drink and drive on. That's got nothing to do with votes AG! Some of my buddies have wised up and make their girlfriends drive now. Of course that makes it right!
  13. fasteddy

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    Machiasmort,we had an interesting program here about a month ago. Vancouver is a party town with lots of high end bars. Not the back street watering holes of my youth but the kind where the ladies feel safe and the men are handsome and drive Porches.

    The TV station took a hidden camera in a few of these bars on various nights and a big surprise was the 19[legal age }to 30 year old women who were so drunk three or four of them had to group together hold each other up.
    They were sprawled out on the sidewalks and the bouncers were picking them up and looking for cops to get them home.

    A lot of them were getting up to try and find thier car.

    They followed three women one night and it was a little surprisig to see so many women in a bar and every one said they did this 2-3 nights a week, because this was where the men were.
    The men looked really embarassed and tried to stay away from them, yet kept a protective eye on them.
    The bar tenders said it gets worse every year.

    I"d say by the number of women arrested for drunk driving that you see here in the paper,yes they are catching up but I think they get let off more to.
  14. machiasmort

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    There's no way anybody will tell me that less women drink, as you pointed out, they do drive also.

    I'm just irritated at our Governments bending of statitics inorder to serve their F----d up agenda. What, do they think we're stupid? Further a DUI charge is no joke! The cop's nail all the guy's they can, where I used to live. They do it so the have a better chance at picking up the girls themselves. They need all the competitive edge they could get!
  15. fasteddy

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    Machiasmort, when I started going to bars legally there were one or two bars that the beer was still 10 cents a glass. These were the dives that had saw dust on the floor.
    Every other bar was 15 cents a glass. Every bar had two entrancece, one marked Gentlemen and the other was marked Ladies and Escorts.
    Yep, segragated entrances and they meant it.

    You may have seen the thread I left on should pot be legal when I told about the guy growing tomato plats next door but they never got any tomatos.

    He was a concrete mason and parked his truck on the street. My brother and I were on the porch enjoying our favourite pastime, watching girls down on the beach when a car side swiped the rear of the truck. Ripped the passengers side up bad and the door of the car was sitting up on the bed of the truck on a pile of sand.
    A girl in her very early 20s staggered out and could bearly stand up. She started swearing a blue steak and was as drunk as they come.
    The truck owner helped her sit down and the cop came and talked to her and she was telling the cop her personal opinion of him and cops in general in a rather top of her lungs voice.

    Into the cop car and she is gone.

    Talked to the guy next door and asked what she was charged with. Nope,the cop took her home because she had a clean drivers record and he didn't want to give her a ticket. That, a dress that barely covered her a*s and a favour on the way home might have helped to.

    When I lived in northern NH we had a State Trooper who hid across from the only bar in town in back of a cemetary and watched who drove in with binnoculars and marked the time down. When you came out he checked the time in and was on your tail out of no where. He was the big hero in that part of the state with the cops.

  16. SimpleSimon

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    Yep, fasteddy, thar's a pretty common scenario - the girl getting a pass on a clear case of drunken driving, that is. For that matter, so is the action pattern of the cop doing his lurking in wait thing. When I was in high school we had a pair of county-mounties who were botirious for accepting "favors" from local girls for not ticketing them. They picked the wrong girl to pressure for a horizontal sobriety check one night - 4 days later she committed suicide.

    Big stink, of course - she left a lengthy suicide letter detailing the whole thing - she was the daighter of the minister at the Church of Christ in my home town. Who investigates the cops? Right, the cops themselves. They were completely absolved of any wrong-doing - insufficient evidence, of course. About 4 months later they were on patrol in a rather lonely stretch of the county when "persons inknown" used at least 6 different hunting rifles to turn their cruiser into a colander leaking red fluids all over the road - over two hundred rounds fired into it.

    For a long time the cop cars traveled in pairs in that part of the state thereafter.
  17. fasteddy

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    Simon I left a thread here a while ago about my ex wife who was a police woman in Iowa.
    Her ex husband was involved in 7 drunk driving accidents and was never charged. He always wound up at home.

    She had endless stories about pulling cars over and getting up to the driver only to find a girl with her cloths re arranged to thier best advantage. The look on thier faces she said were priceless when they looked up and saw a woman.

    Here In B.C. we don't have provincial police. We use the Royal Canadian Mounted Police like 7 other provinces but that may change soon. Don't know where they are getting thier recruits but they aren't Sargent Preston of the Yukon.
    Five of them tasered a guy at Vancouver airport and he died.It was video taped and soon as it all hit the fan the lies started. The only thing was the video didn't and now it's a wait till it dies down and we will close the investigation. It hasn't died down and the Taser company is in deep doo doo here.

  18. machiasmort

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    "When I lived in northern NH we had a State Trooper who hid across from the only bar in town in back of a cemetary and watched who drove in with binnoculars and marked the time down. When you came out he checked the time in and was on your tail out of no where."

    That's pretty much how I got mine.

    I'm no advocate of DUI but the use of unethical tactics by cops to fill their quota's is rediculess. All of this comes down to money for the State. When people quit DUI, I wonder what will be next. Your State, I'm sure has no intent of loosing revenue. The charges are making Felons out of good people.

    I don't like the idea Guy's are prejudice against in this manner at all.
  19. fasteddy

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    Machiasmort, it got better, this AH saw the town drunk going up the sidewalk late one night, stopped his car and grabbed him from behind.
    The drunk was all of 5ft 5in and the cop at least 6ft 6in when he grabbed, the townie reacted and threw him over his shoulder and over a guard rail and down a steep 30ft embankment and continued on his way home.
    The cop broke his leg badly, had to crawl up the embankment and call for help.

    When it all got to court the cop tried to put a spin on it and the townie now more sober than he had been in a long time told the court all he knew some big SOB jumped on him and long forgotten military training took over.

    The Judge was in tears as the townie discribed it great detail how it happened. He let him go and suggested to the cop that the next time there was a problem he should let people see the uniform.

    The townie didn't buy another case of beer for at least a year. It just kept showing up on his door step.

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    yeah thats bs mort.if their that worried about dui`s they should put a stop to people driving to the bar.because what the f do they think is gonna happen to 98% of them cars around two oclock.
    these f as holes are out for revenue.thats all that matters to them.