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Jun 21, 2022
Nampa, ID
Can someone in the know either point me to where I can read about ... OR ... give a brief synopsis of what this forum's history is...

Who 'owns' the forum? Do they post? If not, why not? Who are the admins/moderators (other than @DAMIEN1307 who is the most visible)? When did the site go online? Where did all the folks who have contributed to the RESOURCES section go? CAN WE contribute to the resources section if we ever come up with something worth adding? Who has been here the longest... Etc... etc... etc...

I know I would like to know more about this site that I am contributing my time and keystrokes to (and getting plenty in return thus far)...

Anton owns it as well as being the forum administrator, based in Australia. Damien and Wayne are mods. Dunno where Wayne has been. Site started in 2006 or close to then. Many have come and gone since then, some haves passed away. Great site to spend time on and have fun/learn. Anton has my gratitude and respect for all his efforts to bring us a valuable place to gather, Damien included.
Like many forums, we have had our really great high points, especially with many of our extremely knowledgable members always willing and able to share their knowledge of our little beasties that we love to build and ride.

We have some of us, like myself, who specialise in keeping them mostly stock with as little modifications as possible to keep costs down, as well as some of us who really specialise in modifications and special builds when monetary considerations are not a problem...lol.

Also, like many other forums out there, we have had our little share of problems with "flame wars" and folks who just do not like others and have shown it in some of their posts and have left us as a result. Some of our forums rules were recently rewritten as a reflection of those times which we have striven to put behind us now as we strive to make our forum a place of good comraderie, shared knowledge and experience, being helpful and not hurtful to others, OH, and let me not forget that we all seem to enjoy alot of joking around from time to time when we see an opportunity for a good one liner zinger here and there...lol.

Our biggest plus right now that I see is just how well the majority of our membership just gets along very well with each other and how we co-operate together to help others along the way, leaving "ego" at the door and recognising that there is not a one of us here that "knows it all"...We all have our own individual areas of expertise as exhibited when a question is asked and we may point to specific individuals that have specific knowledge and answers to questions that are posed.