History of THIS Forum

Can someone in the know either point me to where I can read about ... OR ... give a brief synopsis of what this forum's history is...

Who 'owns' the forum? Do they post? If not, why not? Who are the admins/moderators (other than @DAMIEN1307 who is the most visible)? When did the site go online? Where did all the folks who have contributed to the RESOURCES section go? CAN WE contribute to the resources section if we ever come up with something worth adding? Who has been here the longest... Etc... etc... etc...

I know I would like to know more about this site that I am contributing my time and keystrokes to (and getting plenty in return thus far)...

Hey @FrizzleFried, the forum was started by @Tom back in 2006 and I took it over in 2012. Tom left the site in the hands of the moderators. When I took over the site, the damage was done and there were barely any members left. They had all been either banned or scared away by a certain moderator who was playing forum god (eg. banning members for incorrect spelling). I unbanned a lot of really good members who had done nothing wrong, and let them know that they were welcome to come back.

After some time the forum conversation picked up again. The site was only hosted on a shared server at the time, so I moved it to a VPS (virtual private server) to keep up with the increased traffic.

The forum software has also changed over the years. The site was started on phpBB and then moved to Vbulletin by Tom. I then moved the forum from Vbulletin to Xenforo due to it being a much more stable forum platform.

Currently it's just @DAMIEN1307 and myself doing the moderating. You can mainly thank @DAMIEN1307 though as he is constantly battling spammers and spotting the problem users.

As for the resources section, some of those members have either passed away or simply moved on to other hobbies. Feel free to contribute anything you want in there.

Who has been here the longest? In terms of members who are still active, I think @darwin has been here the longest, followed by @Sidewinder Jerry!