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History of this motorbike ?

Whizzer 58

Jan 26, 2008
Hello everyone, I finally had a chance to ride my bike and it performs very nice......one question though......who made it?
The title says "Cyclone Motorbike Company Inc", it does not say anything about Whizzer on the bike, but it looks exactly like a Whizzer.
The model is "Cruiser WC150" and the year is 2000, on the neck badge it says "Polar Motor Co" - WC1.....I just like to know the backround of this company and the bike. thanks........Ed



History of Cyclone AND Cruiser Motorbikes

Hi 58, in the early release time of the WC-1 Whizzer, there was an event where some WC-1's left the factory under those 2 brand names. I understand there may be as many as 800 of them. These are absolutely the same bikes as the equivelent WC-1 Whizzers, but should never be licensed as a Whizzer, as that serial number run probably does not exsist in the government archives under Whizzer.

On one I saw, if you looked closely, you can see where the Whizzer Logo was ground off of the plastic battery cover.

Any apprioate Whizzer parts will fit your bike, neither one of those "Companies" exsist to my knowledge.



Active Member
Nov 6, 2007
Hello Ed
MotorbikeMike is right on the money.
I have a 2000 Cruiser WC150 myself. It is titled and tagged a Cyclone but it is all Whizzer. The engine is a WC-1. In my case it was a WC-1 but now it has had an NE upgrade. I have been able to get parts everywhere Whizzer parts are available. Here on the forum Quenton Guenther and Bill Green have helped me with parts. Also Debbie and Lisa at Whizzer are very helpful too.
Enjoy your ride.