Crashes Hit by a car while riding

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    Glad your not really injured too bad, not to say knee injuries are nothing. The drivers today are so self absorbed they really don't pay much attention to there surroundings. I hope you get fixed up and make your long journey at a later date.
  3. Thanks fm, I'm really fortunate
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    Bummer. Get well soon.
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    Wow, that's really interesting you were planning such a long trip. Is there a blog or thread about your trip? What kind of bike setup were you depending on for the trip?

    Also, the article said you did a test run to Atlanta, was that from Alaska to Atlanta!!?

    Get well soon!
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    I have done that very same thing. Riding down the street in my old 66cc build doing about 35 - 40, driver takes a left turn and I plow into his vehicle (Jeep Cherokee). I hit him between the front left wheel and the drivers door. Thank god for my stints BMXing, cause I learned how to bail. Just jumped straight up right before impact and flopped on his hood. The bikes damage was the forks bent straight back far enough to where the tire was past the frame. Still have em.


    I ended up just disabling the v-brakes and flipped my forks backwards. Rode home, and had sore ribs for a week or so, but I definitely consider myself lucky.
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  7. Hey thanks! I live in Augusta, Ga so that test trip was from Augusta to Atlanta. We are shipping the bikes and gear up to Alaska.
    You can check out our blog at

    We are filming the expedition in broadcast/near broadcast quality HD so we should have some pretty cool footage at the end.
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    Looking forward to reading more! Hopefully if you have time, a short update from time to time in the traveling section would be appreciated!
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    I hit a car a couple weeks ago coming around a blind corner in the rain and my caliper breaks couldn't keep me from crossing into her lane. I hit the side of her car and broke a pedal off my bike, then I crashed into the shoulder where there were some large rocks. i bruised my knee really badly on one of them. She stopped to see if I was ok and I said yes as i lay on the ground holding my leg. Then she just drove off after glancing at her car. It was definitely my fault. I had thick motorcycle gloves on because of the rain/cold and it delayed me getting to the brake lever quickly. Now I really feel like my knees are vulnerable when I ride. i was wearing a regular motorcycle helmet and took a decent little chip out of it.
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    Time for a new one. Helmets are like Toni Basil (sang Mickey). They are one hit wonders.
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    Hey Stan4rd....don't know why, but that struck me as hit wonders. :jester:
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    This was a DOT motorcycle helmet and the chip is just about 1cm out of the black finish exposing white underneath. I'm no expert by any means but i wouldn't imagine there is any structural damage. It's more of a cosmetic issue it seems. I could be wrong. Looks like it probably scratched the edge of a rock.
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    Glad to hear you're not hurt badly, Will.

    Is Fort Gordon still there? I was stationed in August in 1967.
  15. Well the injuries ended up being much worse than I thought. Severed 5 ligaments and had partial tears in two others. Two surgeries, one was 11 hours, 4 months on bed rest, 8 months on crutches. **** of a year!
    But I'm walking much better now, and hitting therapy like a madman.

    We should still be on for the 15,000 mile trek in May 2012.

    5-7 heaven: Fort Gordon is still here. NSA has a massive installation out here now too so a lot of listening goes on there. My dad works out there. He has had two colleagues in under a year killed while ridding their bikes in Augusta. Dangours town to be on two wheels.
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    Push the therapy - it hurts, but it works...
  17. Well I'm finally on the way to South America! Check out the progress at
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  19. Thanks Anton, just saw your reply!

    Loquin, you are quite right about the therapy. Fortunately, I have a degree in Occupational Therapy so I went way above and beyond on the therapy and ended up with a knee that, while it isn't nearly as strong and reliable as it was before, it impressed most of the medical staff at my sports medicine doc's place.
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    I was @ Ft. Gordon from May-October 1967. My buddy and I rented Honda 50 scooters for a day, to ride in Augusta. Traffic wasn't too bad back then.

    Glad you're in good shape to make that trek. Keep us posted.