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  1. bmxcrazy

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    went out for a late ride one night and found myself heading for a new suv rear bumper. there was construction on a main road in billings mt, so i hit up the parking lot. doing a good twenty i see a suv flipping a u. didnt think to much of it. saw a car coming in on another way. made sure they saw me, looked up and the suv was parking into a spot. hit the breaks hard, but to late. i smashed into the rear corner panel and tail light. was numb for a while and created a new scar on my leg. done for the season.:-/

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    Ouch- hope "done for the season" means you'll be back on the road next spring.
  3. machiasmort

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    Just joking Brother and hope your OK w/wishes for a speedy recovery.

    If you get back on it, check it over real good! Maybe even retire the frame from MB use! A hairline crack could do you in latter!

    One thing I often think about is what I would do to get away from the bike if I crashed it. Have to remember brother's our tanks leak... Not to mention moving parts! Get away from the bike if you drop it!
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    i worked for dimension edge for a while still help out around there as much as possible. im sure i can pick up a good frame. my engine kit on the other hand, its all good. i lost a $800.00 bike. my rims are good all true. need new handlebar set up, new fork, head lights. and i will have pics next time. bike and me
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    Sorry to hear that!
  6. bmxcrazy

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    pics in my albums
  7. machiasmort

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    Sorry you lost out like that... Could have been much worse, looks like fast reaction on your part saved you worse. No more motor for that bike!

    You should be able to scoup a deal on craigs list, what area are you in?
  8. bmxcrazy

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    i must say that my reaction time was a key factor. i have rode all kinds of bikes sense i was a lil boy. including motorcycles, and yeah no more motor for that matrix. i will prob pick up another one though, i love those bikes and for being a folder its very solid. so hope for number three in the spring. ( thanks for caring) oh and im from Billings montana
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    Didn't see much of a background! Looked like you might have been in the north east!

    Wish you better luck with the next!