Carby Hitting thumbtack with sledge hammer? Maybe... but it works!

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    Many of you were kind enough to respond to my problem bike that worked just great as long as I assisted the throttle with full choke on my cns carb on my skyhawk. Most thought it to be an air leak, but I tested thoroughly and dead end. I have tinkered with this thing for couple of years off and on. Finally got tired of it and got me a new carb (identical to the old one). Installation was childlike easy (that's what I need). Bike is running great! Just a little cool today for anything other than a test run of about a mile. No hesitation, NONE, when I throttle past 20 mph. It was smooth sailing at 31 mph this afternoon and prob would have done more, but didn't want to push it since bike has not really been that active over the last couple of years other than when I used the choke to make it work. I am ELATED to be back on the road. New carb was sale priced at $20. Shipping almost that much, but it's worth every penny to me, the satisfaction and the wind in my face again. Plus, I have an extra carb that probably just needs a good cleaning. If I can't get it back together, no sweat. I'm on the road anyway.
    Point of this note is simply, Thanks again to all of you who offered helpful advice during my downtime.
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