Hmmm, which kit to choose?? Need some help

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Which would you choose??

  1. Bike Berry 80cc black kit

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  2. Gasbike/Grubee/Skyhawk 80cc GT5 kit

    10 vote(s)
  3. Gasbike black stallion 80cc kit

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  4. Gasbike/Zoombicycles Jet 80cc Kit

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  1. RalliartRsX

    RalliartRsX New Member

    Well, just for a quick introduction, I am a little 'new' here in the sense that I dont post much, but have been a lurker for quiet some time now. I am about to embark on an entirely new build and figured i will be starting from scratch with a simple 80cc setup with a SBP expansion pipe and that its. I just want a proper rider for fun (it wont be daily, just for fun rides around the neighborhood, to the store, etc).

    So with all that being said, I have narrowed my options down to several and I figured I wll post on here to see what help I can receive before I take the dive (it will be sometime between thursday-friday of next week).

    I am building from scratch (as in, everything is currently off the frame and then the frame is going to be prepped and painted and hopefully be ready in by the time the kit arrives to install and go.)

    Here are the list of options:

    1) bikeberry 80cc black kit

    2) bikeberry/grubbee/skyhawk 80cc gt5 kit

    3) Gasbike black stallion 80cc kit

    4) Gasbike/Zoombicycles Jet 80cc Kit

    Let me know me know the positives and negatives (or opinions) you have on each (inclusive of experience if applicable). Or even an overall assessment of the kits thru links, experience, heard, etc.

    Oh and here is my original bike for a quick reference
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  2. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    sorry this is a little off topic but how did you come up with RalliartRsX as a screen name?
  3. lordoflightaz

    lordoflightaz Member

  4. RalliartRsX

    RalliartRsX New Member

    Well, I am big car guy actually and the name came from a special edition package provided for the lancer evolution that could be fitted to the evo 4-6. The package was provided by the Mitsu factory tuning sector Ralliart, the the package was dupped Ralliart RsX450.

    The package included forged internals, remapping, new turbo and a few other bits which made the vehicle capable of circa 450bhp. Thats the reasoning behind the name
  5. RalliartRsX

    RalliartRsX New Member

    I actually considered that kit (its actually another of my current open windows on my browser funnily enough) but quiet frankly, I already decided on a 80cc (66cc) kit just because I want a bigger motor (and the current motor is a 66cc and I really do not want to go back).

    If that motor/kit is as capable as a 66cc variant as far as potential and static power figures is concerned, I will consider it. If not, I might have to pass.

    Now, my questions are

    1) What is the added benefit of the carb being directly connected to the head other than space limitations?

    2) Why would the others be a tight fit considering the fact that the frame already has a 80cc kit mounted?? I already checked dimensions and most kits will fit (unless there is something you see otherwise)

  6. lordoflightaz

    lordoflightaz Member

    I knew I should have asked, I assumed a new build new bike and thought you were going with the blue one.

    Without the intake manifold the carb sits closer to the motor. That carb also has a shutoff valve on it.
  7. RalliartRsX

    RalliartRsX New Member

    Basically I am looking for a simple 80cc kit to get up and running and then when thats up and running reliably, then my extreme bike build will follow suit in due time.

    I just wanted to do a quick, detailed, simple build for now hence why I was looking at relatively inexpensive kits

    I just wanted some opinions on kits

    Thanks much
  8. RalliartRsX

    RalliartRsX New Member

    Ahhhhh, anyone else??

    I am looking to order ina few days
  9. Just_Gasit

    Just_Gasit Member

    Well, I have not recieved my kit yet (should arrive Tuesday) I went with It looked like a good price, good warranty and should work out fine for me. I'm upgrading from a 36cc trailer I put together a couple weeks ago and while it actually performs pretty well, I got hungry for a bit more. My trailer will go 19 MPH on the flats and pull a small hill. I'm not looking to go much over 25, I just wanted the package on the bike, I'll see how that goes for now. If it goes fast, I'll opt for a larger rear sproket and get more take off torque insted.
  10. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

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  11. biketec

    biketec Member

    OK I know I'm way off topic here but look at this I found here I think its for the NSC but whatever I think it would make for a nice carb mount on a tight frame where you would need to fab something up or get the flush mount carb.

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  12. RalliartRsX

    RalliartRsX New Member

    The bike already has a 66cc setup on it already with a regular style carb.

    I dont really have to worry about fitment issues (as mentioned before)

    Thanks though. Appreciate the post!!

    T-minus 2 days until I order!!
  13. lordoflightaz

    lordoflightaz Member

    Where would you find this, from you? What is the disstance between the bolt holes?
  14. RalliartRsX

    RalliartRsX New Member

    OK, I think I have pretty much decided............

    I will let you know once the order goes thru on Friday!!

    Wish me luck ;)
  15. Ralli,

    Which engine did you go with? I'm in the same boat as I'm trying to decide which one to get. I'd love to hear how you made out and what info you might provide.
  16. Hiwazup

    Hiwazup New Member

    im getting that exact same kit (grubee skyhawk 80cc gt5) :grin5:. you shouldve got it on black friday. was only 99$ lol :p
  17. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    i'll tell you this, i have a 50 c.c. slant head motor on a 20" frame with 20" wheels. My 50 c.c. can catch and pass my friends 24" bike with 20" wheels and he has an 80 c.c. motor on his. the 50 c.c. revs higher than the 80 c.c. but it lacks the bottom end torque that the 80 c.c. has.
    yes, mine has the carb bolted directly to the cylinder, and there is no intake tube. the down side to this set up is that it will take a lot of work to get the carb off because it's mounted to the cylinder with studs and nuts. the only way that i can see to get the carb off would be to drill out the studs (where the nuts are) big enough so that the nuts will fall off. the nuts sit in recessed pockets on each side of the carb throat and there is no way to get a wrench or socket on the nuts to take them off.