Hmmmmmm....2 strokes or 4-strokes?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Donavan321, Feb 12, 2013.

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    So here's the lowdown. I've built nothing but 2-stroke motor bicycles. I have seen people ride 4-strokes I have never ridden one or owned one. Myself? I like those little 2-strokes even if they can be troublesome at times. They're lighter and more compact for one thing, cheaper, etc. I also think they really add style to any bicycle especially the vintage racers, Schwinn bikes, choppers, and my personal favorite...the beach cruiser! So I don't want to get into the debate over which is more reliable because in my opinion, the 2 strokes are reliable if they're maintained well and taken care of.I like pedaling and dropping the clutch and hearing it turn over and run :) That's music to my ears. NOW, onto the 4-strokes. From what Ive heard they have more top end speed, but they dont get up and go like the 2 you have to widen the pedal cranks. :( So as we all know here on the forum, we have carburetors, shift kits, port matching, expansion chambers, air filters, spark plugs, several various sprocket sizes that we can use to make the 2-strokes faster! My favorite sprocket is the 44 tooth I like that even balance. So what if I were to use 2 huffy cranbrook cruisers let's say.... same bike same size with a STOCK 48/50 cc 2-stroke and the other with a stock 48/50 cc 4-stroke. Let's assume both run the same chain and a 44T sprocket.. both have been broken what will be the top speed WOT for the 4-stroke compared to the 25-mph cc 2-stroke? If for some reason this comparison is too complex, simplify and balance it out for me so I can see what differences..if any...that there are. Thoughts? I've been contemplating this for a few months now and I just can't get my mind around it.

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    I'd stick with what you have.As far as I can tell power to weight 2-stroke wins, and the not being able to wind a 4-stroke out (they're all mid/mid-low torque) is a downside.I don't like the ping of the 2-stroke but with the "rubber between the ringing fins" quickie mod and some intake/exhaust that can be taken care of, don't like the stink either.With that being said I'm moving from a RS EH035 to a Tanaka PF4000, the EHO35 doesn't have the force when the winds pick up.