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    No idea whether they show this particular TV show in other countries besides UK; but we have a series of, um, series called "A ------ Is Born" where Mark Evans builds various vehicles such as a motorcycle, race car, 4wd off-road car, aeroplane, helicopter, etc etc.. I absolutely love this show! :D
    I've just seen the last episode of "A Chopper Is Born" where Mark Evans (a veterinary surgeon) finished building his Rotorway home-build kit helicopter and took it for it's first flight. He looked so happy! :) Then they showed the first episode of "A Plane Is Born". I'm so excited right now I want to go and buy a kit aeroplane and start building, haha. Well I know what I'm doing from 3 til 4pm weekdays now! I've seen most of these before but I could never get tired of them, especially the aircraft ones.
    Do they show the "A ------ Is Born" Tv shows in other countries besides UK? Anyone love them as much as me? :)

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    Never heard of it but sounds like it would be on my don't miss list!
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    Shown also in Sweden, the best "hobby" series