hole in head

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    just got a live fast kit took it to work last night to show some friends and we found this when we where out in the sun light. P1010001.JPG
    looks like it goes into the bolt void that holds the head on. should i worry about it?????

  2. Nah nothing to worry about, mine is the same and done 3000 km and I have seen photo's of others the same, is only exposing the stud.
  3. I have bought many Kits from many Different Famous vendors Around here and on the web and received the motors with the exact same casting Problem. This may share a small secret about where the castings are Made ( not to uncommon to tell you the truth when you buy in high numbers ).Most never notice Or think it is normal .

    When I did receive a kit motor With the thin casting problem I have explained the situation to the bikes owner and with permission installed with no problems to report thus far.
    Some guys Will fill the small pin hole with jb weld to soothe the mind. Due to the location ( head bolt ) and no combustion interference I think you will be fine

    hope this helps.