Engine Trouble hole in manifold/ stuck throttle

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    Two questions here gentlemen:

    I posted about a carb problem yesterday, and crassius told me to look for a air leak. Boy did I find one. When I put the new carb/ intake pipe on the one stud came out and left a hole right where the manifold meets the cylinder head. ( see attached). What can I do to fix this? Is there any insta- weld stuff that will cover it up I can pick up at an auto parts store (jb weld or similar).

    Second question:

    My throttle keeps getting stuck. It will return from full to about half throttle but that's it.I tightened the leads on both sides of the cable and that didn't help. I can manually push it back to closed but it won't spring back by itself.

    Any help is much appreciated guys!

  2. crassius

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    jb-weld should seal the leak, but be sure the threads are good to hold the stud as jb-weld won't hold that

    take throttle cable out of handlebar mount so you can get a lot of slack in it - now gently drop the slide into the carb and see if it goes to the bottom without undue resistance, if so then you cable is getting pinched somewhere or has rusted inside or somesuch, if the slide sticks going in on a loose cable, then your carb body is probably warped or has a burr in the metal somewhere & you need to polish it out or spend $10 on a new carb
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    the hole as pictured, will not cause an airleak, unless, on removing the manifold, theres a clear hole through to the port itself.

    in which case, yes...jb weld it. or use the putty stuff as it wont tend to drip through before setting.

    better to just replace the carb with the above advice...removing the locating pin (so you can polish inside the carb)usually just creates more damage.

    make sure the carb slides completely onto the manifold, sometimes the weld on the bend needs to be ground down a bit for it to do so...

    you should be able to hear the slide "clunk" when the throttle is released.
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    wot bogs down

    I've checked for airleak with carb cleaner, looked like a crack on intake manifold. Replaced but still have the same problem.