HOLY COW! Worksman E-Trike at Walmart!

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by KilroyCD, Mar 22, 2009.

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  2. Front wheel drive just like my trike. I think I'm gonna cry.

    I do believe Worksman is still American made. This may be selling thru Wal Mart because of some tax break they could be receiving by selling American made products under the new administration not to get political but this may be a rather good start I dunno yes?
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    Large, as far as I know too, Worksman is still US-made.
    Here's the real kicker. Maybe it's a sign of the growing popularity of motorized bikes in general, but Walmart is offering six models of e-bikes now.
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    im not sure that specific model is made in usa.... i read somewere in their site they had a line of bikes that were made in asia, but the quality is supposed to be supperb.

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    Maybe next year I'll turn my E-Zip into a trike!
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    Link no longer works :: sigh :: was it as cool as your trike though Large Filipino
    Look at it this way mate, wouldnt have been as much fun as you had building yours now would it LoL...:: pats Large filipino on the back ::
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    I don't know why it didn't work. I just tried the link and it worked for me...
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    Ahh yup working for me now, maybe Walmart was doing maintenance on their systems when i tried? These trikes are great for 'grocery getters' arent they? There doesnt appear to be alot of Technical data on it, im guessing it would be a smallish hub motor in the 200-400watt range? with a 24 or 36 volt battery package probably Nihm chem? If so, seems VERY expensive to me, although, persoanly i wouldn't want to ride it with anything with much more power, the geometry of these trikes aren't setup for high speed use are they, would corner very badly at speed haha or maybe i should say they wouldn't cormer at all at speed but tip over LoL...GREAT though for the elderly or as mentioned a 'grocery getter' for running to the local shops :)