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    hello everybody, I'm new to this site. My name is Lawrence I live in Suwanee Ga. I'm 67, retired and building motorized bikes for fun. I have a mostly completed occ chopper with a B&S 7 hp engine from pressure wshr I had to modify the frame somewhat to get it all to fit. I used a disc brake setup from a mountain bike to stop it (works well). I'm now working on a 20 in boys bike with the frame stretched 3 in, steering raked about 3 deg. and modified bottom frame tube, rear wheel is from wheelbarrow with home made disc and brake caliper from a riding lawnmower. It will be powered by 5 hp Tecumpsuh engine and will be belt driven(two belts low and high speed) engaged by foot operated tensioners, its almost ready for a test ride. So as you can probably tell I like to do things the unconventional way, anyway I,m glad I found you guys so I can pick your brains (feel free to do likewise)

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    Welcome aboard.

    Sounds like you do your own engineering. Admirable.

    Keep us posted.
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    Today 11:42 AMlovemstr
    ok guys, dumb question maybe, I've looked at the exhaust systems offered in most "kits" and I wonder is there anything inside the muffler part of the exhaust or is it just a hollow tube. I have a schwinn stingray that I mounted a 7.5 hp briggs motor with a torque convertor and it has a 3/4" straight pipe that is quite loud, I would like to tone it down a bit. any suggestions?
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    Most mufflers attempt to scatter the sound waves. On the china girls, the perforated pipe that enters the muffler is adjacent to, but not attached to the perforated pipe that exits the muffler. Sound waves are interrupted and then bounced around the inside of the muffler until exiting via a very indirect route.
    There are posts on the site where members have modded their existing muffler or created new ones out of hi-tech materials like beer cans. Just search on "muffler" on this site.