Exhaust home built custom exhaust!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by linnix13, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. linnix13

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    all in all it cost me 10 bucks and took a half hour, it holds up well so far and does what i wanted it to do,,keep the smoke out of my face while i wait at stop lights. and as a bonus it sounds pretty cool! no power gain or loss its purely cosmetic except for diverting the fumes and the added sound, its quieter while riding the bike by far but probably a bit louder for someone watching me ride by,


    oh and rate and comment(if you have a youtube account) thanks!
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  2. solitus3989

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    Hmm. Interesting!

    Be careful parking. That thing is going to be hot, and it's quite large.

    Don't want you to swing it around burn yourself or someone else.
  3. linnix13

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    yes i noticed it gets hot! im replacing the electrical tape with muffler cement because the tape caught fire a few minutes ago, other than that its good, although i notice alot of exhaust smoke now that the pipes on, i think the smoke was always there im just noticing it more now cause the pipes there,
  4. pdxrhett

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    looks pretty cool, but MAY be a little restrictive. That hole doesn't look too big. The stock muffler should provide enough backpressure, that copper is just welded onto the stock one right?
  5. linnix13

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    the stock exhaust has slightly under a 1/2" hole and the pipe itself is nearly 1/2" ao the copper pipe is exactly 1/2" and it fits over the stock one, i used muffler tape to hold it on and hose clamps provide support, i also used oversized elbow joints as to keep the pipes inside exactly 1/2" so there is absolutely no restriction at all,
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    I was the first to star and comment :)
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    hahaha i know thanks!
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    lol now that is nigrigged
  9. bughuggger

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    Look up the grubee.com website. I believe they sell an expansion muffler which might be safer and quiter overall, Also, there's these long pipe mufflers which I cant say the name of on this website. What I'd give for a quiet catalytic muffler.
  10. linnix13

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    the muffler is the quietest part of my bike!, i get so much gearbox clatter and crank scraping sounds aswell as every nut,bolt, and washer on my bike vibrating, those combined easily put out more sound than three 80cc bikes with stock mufflers!
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