~~Home Built Jet Powered Trike~~

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Haggard, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. Haggard

    Haggard Guest

    ]Anyone tryed this yet?

    I have the complete instructions and a few of the parts needed to build an actual jet engine that will fit on a bike / trike.

    I've been pondering this for probably a year now and figure I might as well be the first to go riding down the King George Hwy with 6 foot flames shooting out behind my bicycle .hahaha

    This is gonna be one righteous build my brothers.

    stay tuned.

    Any suggestions other than"don't do it!!" will be greatly appreciated.

    I've seen approx 20 of these builds online ranging from a 135 mph jet bicycle to ones that are are built on wooden racks and ducttaped together on someones mothers bicycle!!
    I'm shooting for some wheres in the middle : )

    Heres a couple samples of what i'm getting into.



    and these



    haha pretty slim on materials he was lol


    I've seen these jet engines quite frequently , I believe there for large rc planes and seem to be readily available but might be a tad small and it just wouldn't be the same as building an engine on your own.


    They might be a tad smaller than I'd like also ,but 2 would probably do the job!! hehe.

    A little of topic but this following link shows a guy thats taken 4 of these store bought jet engines, affixed them to a fibreglass wing that he molded in his garage and jumped out of a plane !!!
    This is by the far the most amazing thing anyone has ever built!


    How awsome is that and it shows that 2 of those aughta pusha bike fairly well as 4 of them sure do keep him afloat.

    heres a real simple looking home job


    This next link gives step by step instuctions on building a jet engine


    a couple of the many links i've collected on the subject on the


    OH!!! if theres any doubt to how the man feels about this watch the next vid haha


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  2. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    that's some crazy stuff!! the flying man was awesome!!!

    you are really gonna kick this homebuilt thing up a buncha levels!!

    I don't think I can play with you anymore. :p:lol: J/K

    Seriously...I can't wait to see what you come up with!!
  3. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    That was fun. Darn. Now I'm gonna have to haul *** to make it to work on time.
  4. kevbo

    kevbo Guest

    This is my buddy Bob. I helped him with the early calculations figuring out that this would actually work. Those are model airplane jets there, and yes they actually do produce enough thrust to allow the glider to climb. It is as noisy as ten very noisy things.

    Imagine, if you will, a car that is stuck in overdrive. Works fine on the superslab, but can't get out of it's own way at a stoplight. That is how all reaction engines work, and that is why turboprops or turboshaft engines are used on lowspeed aircraft, tanks, etc. when you want the power/weight advantage of a turbine engine. Modern jetliners use high bypass (AKA turbofan) engines rather than pure pressure jets, because even 500kt cruising speeds aren't fast enough to really exploit a pure pressure jet.

    The jet glider gives a great wow factor at airshows, but the truth is that it is a very inefficient way to power something at 100 kt. Those same engines, with no changes at all would produce almost 200% more power at 200 kt. as they do at 100 kt.

    The bottom line is that ANY gas reaction engine (jets or rockets) is a terrible way to power a low speed vehicle...no matter how cool it is!
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  5. Wow. I want some screws loose that way now.
  6. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    It never ceases to amaze me the ingenuity of some ppl.Not particularly practical but who sayes everything has to be practical...why can't some things just "be"

    BTW...that Swiss guy was cool......236Kmh(147Mph)...pretty good. :cool:
  7. Haggard

    Haggard Guest

    What are you//?? special needs or something??
    hahahahaaa just kidding but your missing the entire reason for this build.

    Can you understand that practicality just hopped the last frieght outta town with that efficiency feller??
    I n your last paragraph you mumbled something about a terrible way to power a low speed vehicle.
    I 'm pretty certain The term LOw Speed Vehicle is a little outta sinc with my posted thoughts and ideas.

    Quote:Works fine on the superslab, but can't get out of it's own way at a stoplight.
    I do understand that a rocket or jet engine will never have the torque or power anywheres near that of a happy time but thats one of the sacrifices I'll have to make I guess.
    You do make some legit points though that I also have realised which is why this is a year in the planning
    thanks for your interest and input
    Also Kelvbo, I mentoned I wasnt going to use those engines as I'd much rather build my own just to keep the whole thing a little less predictable , for safety reasons , you know??~~!!!??
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  8. Haggard

    Haggard Guest

    Hey thanks Dave , Van , Philip and Fedor for understanding what this is all about which is simply me exercising my right to push tha envelope, to build and ride what I want, be it practical, resourceful, inefficient, rediculous or otherwise.
    is this going to be my full time ride?
    of couse not !!
    Is this going just a little too far??
    Am I going to emmensely enjoy the build and what will more than likely be a few short rides?
    You can bet Your Happy Time #^@ I will!!
    To shed a little more insight on why I'm doing this ,one of the many reasons that is, , I'm going to paste a pm I sent to a felllow member earlier.

    Here it is as follows:
    Ya man over a year now I bean dreaming of this.
    Thinkin about droppin by the rcmp detachment. do a litte promotin , see if maybe they might wanna sponser a part of this. be real good community relations and pr for them and If I dont , I know a couple or few of them will be ****ed that not only did they miss the build , but also the opportunity of getting assigned to escort me and my badass police sponsered space bike to different venues and functions. hahaaaaa

    **** I'll write police all over it and theyll be shakin their heads and laughin so hard at the audasity i dare to show . and they'll realise they been had again cause how'd it look if they up and confiscated there biggest ,baddest showbikehahahahaaaaa after the public gets a good look at it!!!! They'll be so glad to see me back on my almost normal bikes , that I'll be good for years. They'll be tellin the rookies , dont you dare pull him over!!! He'll be riding somethng 100 times worse tommorow if you do so just leave him the **** alone for gods sake!!! hahahahahhahaha
    ~There's nothing left on the right side of my brain~
    ~And nothing right on the left~

  9. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Found it will_start & Scottm after many years of searching(ok ok slight exaggeration there ;))
    Thought the rest of the gang might appreciate a second look.
    JET-MAN. :cool:
  10. I say intrigate the happy time to the jet. Have the HT start off the bike then when you approach top speed,pull in the clutch and push that button.
    Then you will pass Soccer Mom. Then she will crash into a tree.
    It would be amazing.
  11. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    All I would suggest is that you fabricate a heavy duty shield between your posterior and the engine's exterior...

    Otherwise, you could end up with some amazing scars to show the grandchildren!
  12. fastboy9

    fastboy9 Member

    This is/would be so awesome! whats the latest? are you going to build it? cant wait to hear....!!!
  13. DougC

    DougC Guest

    I wanted to build a turbo-based jet one year. I never did it, but I'll relate my experiences as far as they went:

    I went around to local auto salvage yards and asked about junk turbos they had, and most didn't have any at all--they would pull the turbos (and blowers too) off any car they got, because these are high-dollar parts with a big exchange fee. They send them off for the rebuild deposit because if a customer wants one, they want one that works, so they buy a professionally-rebuilt one anyway.... So most junkyards did not have any junk turbochargers on hand at all, and could only order rebuilt ones. Most of these rebuilt ones cost $800-$1000+.

    A couple smaller junkyards did have some, but the only ones they had were obviously ruined--either from being coked on the engine (the oil in the turbocharger bearings burns within seconds when the car wrecks and loses oil pressure instantly, and this seizes the turboshaft inside the turbocharger casing) or because the car's hood was left open in the rain with the carb removed and the compressor wheel (the fan on the "intake" end) had rusted from rain settling in it. The spinning parts of a turbo can't be cracked or pitted at all, they must be in perfect condition, and the steel they are made out of rusts and pits very easily.

    It is possible to buy turbocharger rebuild kits, but you have to be able to get them from the company that makes the turbo, they aren't universal.... and not all turbo companies sell the rebuild kits retail, because it's specialized rebuilding that requires dedicated machinery to do 100% properly, and so most local shops won't do it themselves anyway. The manufacturers may not even regularly sell the parts to anyone else to do it. So for a lot of turbos out there, you cannot easily obtain a rebuild kit at all.

    If you have a junked one you want to rebuild, then ID the manufacturer and email them right off the bat if kits or parts can be bought directly. Your local car parts store won't know nuts about turbo rebuild kits.

    My conclusion was that if you really wanted to do this, the easiest way is to buy a new turbo off of eBay. The prices can be quite good--while a rebuilt turbo through a shop will often cost $1000 or more, some on eBay go for as little as $300. You should try to find one that is in new or new/pull condition, and you should also try to find one that also has rebuild kits for sale (also on eBay) so you can obtain a couple or more of those at the same time as well.
  14. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    Thats not a bad idea at all actually - airflow will help the axial flow engines spin up - and it saves the problem of sluggishness at slow speeds (better than fitting an afterburner to a bike anyways).

    Im not sure but I seem to remember at least the early engines (BMW 003a) for example would run on petrol as a fuel so I wonder whether it would be possible to run both motors off the same tank - although that would need to be a large tank/tanks.

    It should be possible to fit large capacity tanks on a rear rack/pannier type mount but I have to admit I wouldnt want to be anywhere near a police car when I fired it up....

    Also how on earth are you gonna stop a bike doing 60+mph without a weeks notice?

    Jemma xx
  15. Eco Speeder

    Eco Speeder Member

    Rocket trike

  16. Eco Speeder

    Eco Speeder Member

    Bahh! With flame retardant brake pads one could come to a screeching halt in half a day easy. :D Fours hours in an overcast day with a headwind.

    You bring up a great idea: duel disk brakes for bicycles. As in two in the front.

    BTW?: How does a leggy Brit girl become so mechanically savvy?

  17. alex

    alex Guest

    you guys don't have to use that kind of jet engine, you could always go with the more primitive and cheaper engine It is rediculously loud though.
    oh, and watch at around 27-29 seconds into the video, it is glowing red-hot after 30 seconds of run time.
    I have been studying this site for a while
    and I am insane...
  18. autobo7

    autobo7 Member

    Dude you read my mind, i have been thinking about making something like this for a long time, but i think a turbo jet, or hybrid rocket is out of my legue at the moment, I do have a rebuilt turbo and some good ideas but this sort of project will definaly get into the $1000 range with out breaking a sweat(I am making a valveless pulse jet for a bicycle that should get done some time this summer though) but if you got the know how and green stuff, power to you.

    I would suggest that in choseing your bike frame for this you spare no expense or you use a broken down motor cycle as you platform though a jet made out of a turbo charger will be at least 100lbs once all trimings have been added
  19. "Hey honey! Look at that Motoredbike!"
    "Hey! He's entering the highway!"
    "Woah! Look at him go!!"

    Yes. I would like to have one.
  20. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    Pulse jet engines will make your yet not conceived children deaf..YES they are that LOUD.