Home-made Bar-Mitts. Cheap and easy. And they work, too.

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  1. bluegoatwoods

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    I've been working on these for a few years. The sets I made last year seem to be pretty good. Good enough that I'll use them again this year. And since they're pretty inexpensive and easy, I'll offer the how-to to anyone that wants it.






    Be careful with the soldering iron. Particularly in tight places, such as where the handlebar will run through, it's easy to burn a hole that's larger than you want.

    These are waterproof. Even in cold November rains your hands are warm and toasty. Plus your grips, shifters, cable ends, etc., are protected from the weather.

    I haven't motorized much in the heart of winter. But on my regular old pedal bike my hands are just fine at only a few degrees F with gloves that are little thicker than brown jersey gloves.

  2. FurryOnTheInside

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    I quite like that idea! Keeps the levers from getting air-cooled so does have advantages over ordinary mittens. :)
    I usually end up just taping insulation over my levers, and I'll have to stick with that for now as I need to use the bar extensions to change position and relieve aches (I'm currently unmotored).
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    Google translate reveals that the above post says this:

    Good all day. Who knows a reliable supplier of spare parts from Germany, the need for genuine spare Mears ts200 compressor, I think that's one to turn to another forum told to see here, but apparently that is mixed
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    As far as keeping hands warm, I wear waterproof gloves in the winter. I had a pair of nylon gloves, but they got a few holes. My wife got me some nice leather Bilt brand gloves for my birthday with padded knuckles. They are normally $50 gloves, but were on sale for only $15 through a catalog I subscribe to called cyclegear.com. Gotta look around for good deals. She also found on another website a $150 modular helmet (for those who dont know, modular helmets are full face helmets with a chinbar that flips up) on sale for $90. I'll be getting that for Christmas.
  6. bluegoatwoods

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    That modular helmet sounds like a handy item for winter.
  7. butterbean

    butterbean Well-Known Member

    Too bad she won't give it to me till Christmas day, lol. A modular helmet is great for winter. I had one before, but it wasn't cooling me adequately in the summer and I traded it for a skid lid. Should have kept it, but oh well. I have a helmet with good ventilation for warm weather, and the modular helmet will keep me plenty warm in winter. Its even got a flip-down sun visor. Modular helmets are very eyewear friendly (no need to remove glasses to don or doff the helmet). I wear glasses, so that's a big plus for me. And my new modular helmet may have better ventilation than my previous modular did, so may be able to be worn in warm weather as well. I have almost all the gear I need for winter. I've got a fleece jacket, a leather jacket, a rain suit, and waterproof gloves. All I need yet is waterproof shoe covers and I'll be completely ready for winter.
  8. HeadSmess

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    i wish bike shops had small wet windtunnels.

    $700 on a bmw mod helmet only to find it squeals at 70km/h and leaks in anything heavier than fog.

    i didnt pay for it, mind you :) just hear my mate whinging! (ended up as a warranty and a one off rarity)

    the only problem with any helmet is discovering about wind noise etc after handing over the cash :( same goes for clothing.

    it took me a long time to think of wearing gumboots under my rain pants. too long! tried waders once. the ONLY 100% waterproof motorcycling pants :) the boots are easier.

    the mitts are a great idea :) winter is lucky to get to a frost here, but still...bar mitts and some heaters are very nice at 6am :) not so nice at 7 when you get off and have to work :(

    just pulled em all off for summer the other day actually
  9. bluegoatwoods

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    Now that you mention it, I can't ride my regular pedal bike in warm weather with bar mitts. It's just too hot.

    A motorized bike should be somewhat better since it's just not as warm. Still, I know I couldn't use these in summer type weather even with a motor.

    I take them off toward the end of May. Once I'm certain that even if my hands get rained on, it'll be a warm rain.