Exhaust Home made beer can exhaust pipe!


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Jan 22, 2008
essex, england, UK
I had already blown the silencer up, and desperately needed to get the bike home from college. Didnt want to lean the bike too much and ruin it, so made a makeshift beer can exhaust pipe!

I done it by first using a bit of pipe that was slightly smaller than the header pipe, made a small cut going down the pipe, so I could use a vice to slightly crush the pipe making it fit tight. Then this new pipe I used a vice to crimp a the middle of it making a constriction (for backpressure)(similiar to the stock chinese baffles.) then drilled two holes just before the restriction and two after the restriction. At the end of this pipe I inserted a slightly smaller copper pipe to act as a stinger. This didnt fit at first, so I hammered it in. If you wanted to you could drill through where the pipes inserted overlap and put a nut and bolt, or a clip to hold it in place. Next I cut a hole in the end of the beer can for the stinger to fit into, the hole where you drink needed lightly modifiying to fit the pipe into. Then I slid the can on over the pipe. There was quite a gap on the header side of the can so I used some fibreglass wool and stuffed it in the gap nice and tight. As it was college and I wasnt paying for the gasket sealant, I covered this fibreglass with it. I just used some more sealant at the stinger end as well.

This is only temporary until my racing expansion chamber exhaust arrives, but with a little bit more time and care, I think this pipe could really be a more permanent feature!

The whole thing was made from waste materials and off cuts! So apart from the dirty, smokey, oily two stroke engine, this exhaust pipe is very environmentally friendly!

Anybody else made an exhaust pipe? or found another reason to drink beer? check out my beer can air filter too!


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Jan 31, 2008
South Australia
That's excelent !
I have to try that one cos the baffle on mine droped out to.

But I'll use a Coca Cola can cos the billboard say's, "Things go better with Coke"
Anyone wanna try Pepsi ?

Large Filipino

[b*tthead] That is the coolest thing I've ever seen. [/b*tthead]

That really should be a permanent thing.

Maybe you can sign an ad contract with that energy drink!


I don't have a pic, but a few years back I used a shaving cream can with excelent results since it is made out of steel, it can be welded. So the end result is extremely durable, probably more than the engine itself.


nice! i see you used diet coke for yr airfilter. diet coke rocks! wooooo coke! lol you should see my desk full of empty coke cans lol