Home made helmet/handlebar cam mount

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    I have been having alot of adventure on my shiftkit bike, and wanted to find a way to show some of it. I have a few nice cameras, and just needed a secure way to mount them. Of course I can order off the shelf stuff, but shipping to hawaii is always crazy (if they ship at all), and I wanted a homemade option.

    Dunno if it has been covered here, but here is what I did:

    - Went to home depot with my camera, tried some bolts, and found it is 1/4 #20 thread.
    - Bought 6 feet of 1/4 #20 threaded rod, 1/4 fender washers, 1/4" nuts, some regular washers, and a 1.5" 1/4 carriage bolt.
    - I took an old reflector mount, drilled out the hole to 1/4"
    - cut the threaded rod to length. One tip is to almost cut through the rod, the break it by bending inwards, will leave a clean thread that way.
    - Attached the rod to the handle bars with a nut and a wing nut
    - Put an upside down wingnut on for a cam-mount, with a fender washer to give a little more camera support.

    The end result is very secure, and looks good, although I will not leave a threaded rod sticking up on my handle bars full time. I am an EMT and have seen too many strange accidents!

    I filmed a vid, working on getting it on you-tube, but here is the handlebar mount.

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    So phase two was a helmet mount. I did not want a sharp thread rod right over my head, so I got a carriage bolt. At least it is rounded. :whistling: I punched a hole in an old helmet, which I am sure affects the structural integrity, and I do not advise doing this mod for a daily helmet. From there it was easy, I secured it with a wing nut, and did the same upside down nut with a flat washer for the cam mount. I angled it down a little to focus on the speedo.

    I took it out for a test run, and the helmet cam is looking down all the time, can not see anythign but road, so I may need to angle it up. Ideally, I need to mount a swivel on the helmet somehow...

    The handlebar cam was better, but a bit shaky with my little Sony. Both had serious wind noise issues. I am not sure if foam on the mic would help or not...

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    Jeez Ed, you work FAST!!!

    We were just talking about it yesterday while we were riding.:detective:

    And now you've made the camera mounts!:devilish:
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    And I completed my scout trip :)