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  1. HseLoMein

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    Hey Guys,

    Now that i have the chopper with all the DOT attachments and such, I needed a better bike rack, the original one i have can hold 3 regular bikes up to 100 lbs. Well that was fine until i added the chopper the mix. With my chopper and 4 stroke cruiser i was overloading the rack by 50 lbs (uh oh). Well on my trip to PA last year, due to oscillating roads i bent the rack ever so slightly. enough to make me not feel confident.

    So last weekend, i deciced to try out my welding skills and made a platform style bike rack. It holds one bike perfectly and i am designing bolt on attachments so it can carry upto three motorized bikes

    Here is the Album


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  2. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    Nice work and creative too!

    You can easily chain the bike down to the rack as well!
  3. HseLoMein

    HseLoMein Member

    thanks, yes chaining the bikes to the rack is part of the the idea but i still chain them to the chain loops on the hitch reciever.
  4. james65

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    Hitch carrier

    Some good engineering. Bike looks super also!
  5. HseLoMein

    HseLoMein Member

    Thanks James,

    I gotta bring it by your place sometime. We have to go on a ride again, maybe when its warmer.
  6. wheelbender6

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    Cool. I think the platform rack is the way to go with motorbikes. You can rub off a lot of paint while carrying them on a conventional bike hauler.
  7. james65

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    Too bad you missed the run to Maine, it was cold but still a great ride. Yes we should get together with John(jg767) and some of the guys and get another ride going.

  8. james65

    james65 Member

    bike rack

    I finished the hitch carrier that I started last fall. I was building it for my BTR but turns out it works for all my bikes. Rock solid with no vibrations or movement.
    See you soon at the Ct. rally!

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  9. HseLoMein

    HseLoMein Member

    Very nice james, we should start maufatcuring and selling these, i have enough steel to make 2 more of my design, :)
  10. james65

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    I would have prefered to use unistrut but ended up using what I had in the basement. You would be better off selling plans as people want every thing @ harbor frieght prices.