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    I'm 53 and bought my first house at 18. That's 35 yrs. of Homeowner's Insurance w/o a claim until Nov. 17th. I was away Christmas shopping when the woodburner(fireplace insert) after 10 yrs. of use caught the house on fire. Total loss. The Travelers Insurance Company has been outstanding IMO and after a LOT of work, my manufactured home will be set up tomorrow 12/22. That's demo on the old house, site prep and Delivery in just about a month. Especially considering this has been the coldest and most snow ever recorded in East Central Indiana for the month of December. Please, PLEASE always keep your Home and Contents Insured and adequately w/ a GOOD Insurer. I can't imagine what this would have done to my life W/o it.

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    Good advice... I would like to add something if that's ok. Read your policy and know what is in it... Know exactly what Is covered and what isn't. Don't rely on your agent because most of them don't care... To be honest there just isn't enough money in it for them to be interested. Chances are... Unless you also have a commercial or very large medical policy too, your agent doesn't care about your account. Therefore it is up to you to be informed so that you don't end up with a bum claim.
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    Of course it's OK VTec. Although I'd have figured your "add something" would be like 'we don't NEED no steenking woodburners in SoCal!' How 'boubt a row boat?LOL ( Merry Christmas my young friend)
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    Whizzerd, I could not agree more about the importance of good home owners insurance. House fires are utterly devastating - I survived one in October of 1975, but lost everything I owned. Fortunately, I had good insurance with a replacement policy, and only the 2nd floor was a total loss.
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    It's funny you said that... There was a couple of kids in an inflatable row boat floating down my street a couple of days ago. I thought about getting some fish and then video taping me catching one in in the middle of the road.

    For the record C.A.R.B sucks.... I prefer the warm fire.