homebrew 47cc P.B. project for the wife (unless it's to fast)


just for kicks

OK I have been working on a homebrew, hodge-podge contraption to go on the wifes old bike but I think I'll need some experienced input to see if I'm still on the bike path :).

My main concern is : How much more bracing will it need ???
Right now it is tight and I'm sure it will would work but it needs to keep on working for me to be able to call it good.


Here is a picture of the rear strut with a small tab welded to support the strut on the frame not just the bolt.(will this work)

OH that red motorcycle in the background is her 200cc china dualsport, she likes riding it on the road but she cant handle it offroad so I got her a 350 raptor, girls :rolleyes:
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just for kicks

It feels sturdy right now and it isnt even tightened down all the way yet.
I read that improper rack mounting can shear off the bolts on the back struts so I put those little pieces on the struts that wrap right around the frame where the strut bolt is.

The drivetrain is centrifical clutch, belt thru a CVT and gears but the output is backwards, well the CVT with the gear reduction reverses the output direction so I worry/wonder if it will come apart or even work right but all I can do is give it a try.

I'll have to make an axle/sprocket adapter with bearing support to run from the right side back over to the left side and do the standard type chain/sprocket setup.

Mounting the fuel tank will be a challenge but anyway right now it feels OK to ride, I couldnt really tell it was back there and the wife thought the same so it's good so far.It's gonna be hard to get a leg over though.

I had my wife laughing so hard as I was test riding it.I was making engines sounds and faces and pulling back on the handlebars and screaming "I cant stop it, it's to fast-Vrooom" We've already had fun with it and it doesnt even run yet.


I don't like those little bolts for holding anything on except fenders. There's just not a lot of metal there.

On the latest bike I bought, I wanted a rear rack and no normal ones fit well, so I made one--but I made it to clamp onto the frame. It doesn't use those little holes at all:

I would suggest you cut off the two little top loops on both sides of the rear dropouts, and weld on a 1" x 1" piece of steel there, and then drill a 1/4" hole in that and use a pair of 1/4" bolts to support the rack.

If you didn't want to alter the frame (or it's aluminum and you don't want to try welding on it) then you could make some clamps like I did, but that's more trouble than just welding a tab on.