homebuilt trike



Hi all and thanks in advance for any tips or ideas. I have a few bike frames kicking around and what I would like to do is build a trike using what i have kicking around.
Anyopne built a trike out of a 2 wheeler or know of any good links on same?? Funds are a little tight right now so cant justify buying a kit but have lots out material kicking around ,. just need some ideas.
thannks again
i assume you have torch & welder?

do you have 2 matching frames you can work with to build the back half?
Yes, i have two mountain bike frames i could use for the back and a full suspension will work good for front,if i make it rigid , i havent a welder but have bros that dont mind helping out. Would like to make it posi but even if i run 1 wheel from pedals and other from motor would be alright for now i think until i can afford a proper rearaxle kit or something similar.
i wonder if a guy could make make use of 1 out of a garden tractor or rideon lawnmower with a little mod??
here's a couple of idea's for you on set ups


Here's a few trikes I found interesting .
Notice the center of gravity on the first set compared to the second set




now these ones





and a couple unique





Sorry if i'm posting to many. Delete if neccessary. What i'll do is post all the trike pics ,gotta be close to a hundred now,lol on my space and post a link.instead of taking up so much resourses here

Wow just put them in seperate folder ,198 trike pics!!

nicely done & properly placed pics are no problem, we prefer to have the data onboard :)

just make sure to mix a few engines or motors in there once in a while :p :LOL:

the long recumbent with the ice cream cart or whatever would be a perfect "landspeed" candidate for that yamaha 4-stroker i just snagged from wavygravy :devilish:
What size is your yamaha 4stroke?
I've a Honda 125 4 stroke off an elite scooter that has a cvt built in that did 60 mph on the scooter and will rip on a bike. but is faily large in size to mount hence the trike .
Now have a gander at this bad boy. its attached with torsion bars and wants to stand up straight , but can be manipulated through corners by the rider.
Really don't like the trike style at all but the leaning features incorporated in to a different style trike would be awseome don't you think.
Man, i'm intrigued!! this thing could fly. : )