Homelite 25cc milage?

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    I got a Homelite d725 cd free and it is running. I want to put this on my bike and wondered what kind of mileage I could expect out of it. I was thinking about a friction drive but it looks like you go through tires easily. So I want to browse on here and figure out how to mount it and how to propel my Schwinn mountain bike. I am broke and need the cheapest way to go. so if anyone can help with some ideas I would welcome the help. My plans are to ride this from Tn. to Illinois.

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    Staton-Inc and Thatsdax make kits that should mount to your Homelite. You can call Thatsdax and discuss it with them.
    Street tires usually wear longer than street/dirt tires.
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    25 cc isn't going to give you much power so you'll need a shiftkit. If you do use a Staton system run 15-44 (18.75:1) gearbox to shiftkit. You can put three chainrings on the Staton shiftkit to drive an 8 speed freewheel. The 3 rings 28, 34, 42. The shiftkit comes with a 28 ring but be sure to get steal 34, 42 rings and not aluminium ones. The 8 speed freewheel 34-13. Uphill 1:(1,2,3; level ground 2:(3,4,5,6; downhill 3:(6,7,8. I personally use a Sram 890 chain. Be sure to get a tachometer as well.
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    It is 532 miles from Memphis to Chicago. If you're broke and have no mechanical skills, the cheapest way is to find a free ride to get there. Next cheapest way is a $75 bus ride. Not being sarcastic or mean. 532 miles is a LONG way to ride on a do-it-yourself, underpowered motorized bike. However, if you had the skills and resources and at least SOME $$ to build it, you'd prolly use less than 3 gallons of gas + oil mix. After you find the safest route to get there, figure on spending 3-4 days to get there, plus camping gear and $$ for food. The motorized parts suggested, the bike and the equipment to build such a bike would cost you maybe $1,000.00. Besides, if I'm not mistaken, a Homelite 25cc will not fit the standard 76mm clutch to fit onto the Staton box. The installation would be a custom job. Custom means more $$ or more skills you would need, plus access to welding equipment.

    FWIW, hitch a ride, chip in for gas and get there in a day, or catch the bus.
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    mileage. about 100 miles a litre! ha ha, mixing up imperial with decimal. love it :D

    friction drive over that distance? pray for sunshine and dry roads.

    a 25cc two stroker will have a fair bit of power behind it, not heaps but enough...

    the issue is the custom build required. chains sprockets, pulleys belts, getting the reduction right so it does work...

    electric hub (charging could be fun) or catch the bus. not as fun, i know... you could be a monkey for a truckie maybe?

    ive always liked the idea of an electric hub, coupled to a small brushcutter with a generator on it. very easy to route cables, unlike chains and stuff.

    use a big RC brushless for the generator :)
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    u need a proper centrifugal clutch and make sure its a motor that can be rebuilt if its an all in one motor don't bother as they don't last :p
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    The operative words in this post are "I'm broke".

    The cheapest way is to bum a ride w/friends or relatives. Next cheapest is to look on Craigslist for drivers going your way and pay for gas. Next way is a bus ticket. Pardon my bluntness, but there is no reason for us to advise a broke person to consider building an MB to travel 500 miles. The guy is broke and cannot afford to build any motorized bicycle, even with a free weedwhacker engine.