Homelite XL clutch?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by kevo_steak, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. kevo_steak

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    Ok for starters I'll take any heat that comes with being a newbie. Maybe I should have searched for a few hours. There's ALOT to search here. I never realized how popular this is. I've searched for a few minutes and I can't find a centrifugal clutch for this little motor(Homelite XL). I want to put it on a mountain bike (eventually without pedals), when I get it reliable. I was going to build a sleeve so I could put a mini bike clutch on it. I've built racecars but I've never done anything like this before. And I should ask is the stock bicycle chain and rear sprocket gonna hold up and will it give me the correct ratio? Thanks in advance for all of your knowledgable input.

  2. muddawg

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    heres a great thread about the gearing needed for good takeoff and high end


    i dont know what a homelite xl is but with no clutch im guessing its a weedeater ???
    many will interchange/not all
    so another scrap weedwhacker may have the clutch you need

    and i think in that thread a 25:1 gear ratio is needed for a solid take off from a stop without peddaling

    good luck
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    I'm sorry I forgot to elaborate on the HomeliteXL. It's a chainsaw. It looks like I may machine a steel bushing to adapt the crankshaft to a mini-bike type clutch.
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    my homelite chainsaws have a clutch.....is your clutch bad?
  5. kevo_steak

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    The clutch is fine. The outer hub will not work with a roller chain. I'm trying to mount the Homelite engine to a bicycle, and I can't find a centrifugal clutch to use. I am hoping for some ideas here.