homemade friction drive generator.!

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    hello fellow motoredbikes users, name is rodger and i am been building my first put put bike over the last few weeks. i am building a friction generator based off of a printer motor, 7v nihm rechargable battery pack. rc receiver and leds.
    so i am sure that most of you know that when you spin a simple hobby motor it makes power, so with a wheel on the motor friction driven off the back tire should charge my small 6 AAA batteries right?

    when i connect the battery to the motor it spins the motor so what do i need for the battery to charge, and not spin the motor?

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  2. hellbound212

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    i ended up building the mother board and it works thanks nobody:dunce:
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    I think it's really crappy that nobody replied with any advice, I'd like to know the answer, did you need to put a resistor or anything?
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    First of all. Not enough info to start with.
    Does the printer motor put out ac or dc?
    I will assume DC. What voltage does it put out, average & peak?
    The motor would need a diode inline to prevent it running when connected to the battery.
    Are the battries series or parrall connected, Voltage?
    A voltage regulator should be used on the motor/ generator.
    Lack of info may be the cause of non response.

    However it seems you have answerwd your own question.
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    I am here to experiment and to learn. We want to see your project. Details, man, we need details!