homemade "x-port" for utility engines

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    my room-mate, and close friend of 3 years..."keve"...spent the last 2 days with hacksaw, drill, file, & cut-off wheel making these exhaust shims from scrap aluminum. he's made 2 each (and gaskets) for his tanaka purefire 32 & cruzen's 40.

    they're hoping to get a bit more low-end torque...this project is based on research we did before i bought the adaracing stalker for my 40...even tho they can eventually (almost, hehe) catch up, i'm walking away pretty good off the line.

    the weather's pretty carpy here, which is why he had time and motivation, but which is also why he has no idea what kind of effect they'll have yet...i think he may need a 3rd (or even 4th) before anything happens, but we'll see.

    i'm posting this to try and "coerce" him into finally joining MBc & telling his own MB-story...he has a single shim on his 32 now and will try it out soon, but if he doesn't join & introduce himself he won't get to post the results :devilish:

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