HONDA 160cc Cruiser with pedals

M y next project.
painted 2 todays ago,
built yesterday,
and decided today to use a Honda 160 cc 4 stroke overhead cam engine in a frame mount.
Will have to extend pedals appox. 2 inches on either side but will fit in my cruiser frame perfectly otherwise
Pics arent very good but the bike should be :eek:


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Love the cruisers.

What model Honda have you used?

Would be great to see progress pictures during the build especially the crank extension.

I had to remove my mud guards as they rattled off so it may pay to loctite them on:D
Very Wild in the streets! How are you going to cover the right (fan) side of the motor?

I can't wait to see the rest of the details! Very nice so far
Crank extensions

The widest 1 piece crank (Grubee) is just under 8 inches between pedals. I have modified one to be 11 inches by extending just one side. You could do this to both sides of one & it would be about 14 inches. I had several EXPERTS tell me that this would break. Check out Zombie Zenas crank. It is 12 inches between pedals. I started with 2 stock cranks & cut/welded on both sides. It has lasted for over a year with no prob. LOTS of MILES too. When faced with this delima I looked into a custom three piece crank the widest one is a downhill set up at just under 7 1/2 inches. With that wide motor you got I would get 2 Grubees & chop one in half / cut the arms off the other & weld both sides. Otherwise you have to machine a custom axle & make your own 3 piece. I'll post some pics of this mod on Z Zacks thread later next week.