Honda 50 dies on every little bump



New Staton kit and it didnt take bumps well on the first bike I put it on but not near as bad as the 2x suspension bike I just put it on. It dies 10 times per mile on every bump!

My theory is: I fabbed the two front brackets a bit short so the engine tilts a bit forward, not ideal for this 4 stroke, but still not so much it wont lube the engine.

I spent a couple days on these brackets so before I refab Im just wonderin what else could cause it to die?

Im at 7,000 feet is there any special tuning I should be doing?

ahh good point, but mine didnt even ship with an external kill switch. Worth checking out though, the Honda does have switch on the engine.
My Honda has an oil level switch- even though the engine may be getting enough lubrication, the tilt + the bumps may be sloshing the oil enough to trigger the low oil switch.
Hi TWalker -- I am guessing an elect. problem here.. After reading what HoughMade said in regards to oil level (built in elect. saftey switch) -- could be a question to be asked of Honda -- Happy Riding from - Mountainman
I redid the brackets and leveled the engine, I checked out the kill switch and WD-40 it in case moisture was in there and it was better for a 2-3 miles and it started again.

This high dollar Staton kit is yet another with major problems! I wont say its useless but man what a pain trying to avoid every single bump in the road and then restarting every block! Luckily I can slow down reach down and constantly pull the starter but if not it would be a $700 door stop. Not much better than my HTs if you ask me.

Spend $700 and it has major issues. Will anyone ever offer offer a kit that just works?
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hi; your problem seems to be unique as this hasnt been brought up before so how can it be a staton fault? mitch
TWalker -- so it ran better for 2-3 miles and then died out again.. It appeared to run better -- did the WD-40 for sure make the improvement ? If for sure it did -- then the problem is in the switch.. Can you take the switch -- out of the picture -- disconnect or bypass ect... -- then retest your unit.. If there is still a problem -- connecting a light to the engine -- light on while running -- bounce your MB in place -- should act the same as hitting bumps while riding -- making it easier to locate problem ?? If this is caused by an intermittent elect. problem -- they can be a real pain at times to locate... Hope that you locate the problem soon -- Happy Riding from - Mountainman
Good idea bouncing in place to isolate the problem, I can try that. I would also like to bypass the low oil cutoff. I know on my VMax it is so fast off the line the low oil light comes on if I race it.

Anyone know how to do that? Maybe thats in the manual. I'll check it out and post the results.