honda 50cc / set-up question

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Anthony EDGE, Sep 11, 2008.

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    i'm an engineer in the coast guard and looking into building my first bike once i move to florida in january to just cruise to base with.

    i'm going to get a beach cruiser and a 50cc honda w/horizontal drive. i'm curious if someone could post part names and part #'s of all the things i would need to make this work on my beach cruiser. i've seen kits but they don't list specifics.

    i would appreciate it!

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    hi edge welcome; do you mean honda 50 like was used on the trail bikes? if so those arent the type we use. im not saying it cant be used. to get an idea go to golden eagle bike engines for the look. im not saying to buy that kit although it is a fine kit. look through the reviews on that site. or look at top of this page and hit pictures. there are many examples. good luck. were you out of kodiak? mitch
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    i meant a normal 50cc honda four stroke (2.5hp) something you would see on a lawn mower or other small piece of equipment. i've seen mounting brackets but i would just make one in my shop a custom one and just mount the engine and run the chain back to the rear tire's sprocket. im just curious where to buy misc parts like chain tensioner like i see on completed bikes on here, that way i have an idea of things i can add or mod on my bike. i've also been lookin at those 3 wheeled bikes with the basket on the back. i want to strip that down and make a drop box behind the rear axle and build a custom box above that, that way i can still use it as a grocery getter.

    also i'm not in kodiak, im station at loran station port's a station the keeps the LORAN signal going. its what they used before GPS so if all satellites failed then this is what we would use. they are all over the US and the coast guard runs them.
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    Hey Mitch, its past your bed time
    Its fairly obvious he's asking about a Honda GXH 50 and a Grubee gearbox kit

    Buy the Honda engine from for $225 shipped

    The Grubee gearbox and other parts are from but they are
    out of stock right now

    You need a Grubee gearbox that bolts onto the engine to make it work. It has a
    centrifigal clutch and gear ratios with an output sprocket.
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    good night
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    You can get the parts for connecting the throttle cable to the Honda GXH50 motor from Staton. The Grubee kit mentioned previously includes the throttle cable that connects to the Huasheng motor, but it will not connect to the Honda motor. There are also threads in this forum that describe how to bypass the governor. Here are the URLs to the pieces needed to connect the throttle cable to the governor:

    I assume this could be modified for bypassing the governor, but I haven't tried it, yet.