Honda Carb Problems

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    I posted the following thread to a ATV forum, however, I thought I would also post it here to see what help I can get (I know that there is a lot of experience and knowledge here).

    Here's the post. . .

    To make a long story short, I recently purchased an 88 TRX300 FW. Since it had been sitting a while, the carburetor obviously needed attention. I am by no means a mechanic, but I did take it apart and clean it to the best of my ability using a carb cleaner. But apparently, it still needs some attention.

    The atv starts very easy, but even though the idle adjustment is completely backed out, the motor soon begins to rev as if it is being given maybe 1/3 throttle. However, if you do actually attempt to give it throttle, it dies almost immediately.

    I have now taken this carb apart several times to clean it and examine it, but now I am at my wits end. I guess my next step will be to either buy a working replacement carb, or pay to have this rebuilt. However, before doing this, I wanted to make sure that there is not something simple that I am overlooking.

    Can you help?

    Additional info: After my first attempt to clean the carb, I could actually get the motor to run fairly decent by choking the air intake by covering it with a thin, tight knit rag ( We actually used it quite a bit this way.). However, this trick no longer seems affective.

    Thank you very much for you time!