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    i was wondering if anybody knows where i could get a clutch to fit a honda gx 160. just aquired the motor. it seems to have a go-kart gearbox and sprocket on it. any info, ideas,opinions on the motor, or part retailers would be great.

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    Max Torque Is a great source for clutches and drive components for go karts. I bought one of their clutches for my Honda GXH50 that is made with an HTD Metric Timing Belt Driver. The company is owned by a man named Jim Donavan and if you contact them by either e-mail or phone you will be very likely be dealing directly with him. He has a lot of knowledge and experience with motors and clutches. The clutch I bought from him was one that they developed and custom tuned to work specifically for the Honda GXH50 that a customer of theirs that was using to power robots. Theiy have really grreat products and great customer service I highly recommend them.

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