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    I have a honda gx31 coming..
    The question is I want to use a direct hook up so I can start and stop on the move (no
    Question is how to do away with the clutch and run a solid drive shaft
    Any body done this.:bowdown:

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    Just saw this so you may have already worked out a plan.

    One method I have used successfully is to remove the two studs from the fly wheel and replace the clutch shoes with a metal plate of the same diameter and near the same thickness as the retracted shoes. Holes are bored for the two studs and a threaded hole precisely machined in the exact center of the plate is made to receive the threaded shaft used to hold the drive rollers. A method of supporting the shaft with bearings, preferably inboard and out, is highly recommended to save stress on the engine crank shaft.
    I have not used this method with a GX31 but have with both Robin and Mitsu engines.
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