Honda for Pete's sake, "BRING IT BACK"!

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    I have only been in two street bike accidents and some you cant count because I just rode over a mattress on the freeway.:rolleyes7:
    The only time I totaled out a car was with the super bulletproof XR650R:tt1: Baja designs included.
    I’m not into being pushed around on the smaller motorcycles. A deals a deal Honda bring it back.
    Another thing I want to add is that being a defensive driver as I am and using defensive driving in this accident. Please dont mistake me as anything other then Ridding With The Law!
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  2. SimpleSimon

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    What the heck are you rattling on about?
  3. bideronit13

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    I happen to be Polish!
    Also every XR600R and XR650R ever made have my initials as the first two characters in the VIN #.
    I'd be happy to give you some more history anytime.