Honda GC 160

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    It's quite a bit bigger and heavier than the GXH50. (Apx. 6 HP, I believe?)

    It's also illegal in most states unless you register the bicycle as a motorcycle.

    I believe a few folks have used them (or similar motors) on motorized push trailers though.
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    A "few more" cc's? That's an understatement!

    Here's a 79cc engine (Honda copy) that some people have crammed into a bicycle frame with good results. The footprint is a bit larger than a GXH50 but a lot smaller than a GC160. It is on sale at Harbor Freight for $89.

    If you are looking for something bigger, HFT has this Honda GX190 copy on sale for $99 with coupon. It is a superior engine to the Honda GC series, as it is a good quality copy of Honda's GX series engine - which is rated for commercial duty. The GC engines are engineered for consumer use.
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    it's a buck fifty nine on the website now. :icon_cry:
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    Check and see if there is a Harbor Freight store near you, then sign up for their email specials and mailers. You can get great deals and pick them up right at the store. I have a store within 10 minutes from me. Lots of good stuff, lots of cheap garbage. It's good to see and hold the tools/equipment in person before buying.