Honda GHX50 enough for 240-pound male?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Billinoregon, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Billinoregon

    Billinoregon New Member

    Does this little four-stroke have the poop to move a 240-pound guy on a motorized bike?

  2. Old Bob

    Old Bob Member

    I would say so.As long as you don't use Bonneville gearing.
  3. Billinoregon

    Billinoregon New Member

    Thanks Bob.
  4. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    I weigh 250 lbs and my 33 cc Robin Subaru in combination with a shiftkit can pull me up 30% grade hills. In the future I plan to upgrade to the Honda GXH 50 because of the extra power it has.
  5. Samdallas214

    Samdallas214 Member

    I have a 4 stroke Huasheng I don't weight but 150 pounds but I pull a 35 pound trailer that is often loaded with 100+ pounds all the time and it pull me fine . (Most I ever pulled 160-170 pounds)
    now it will not pull a hill loaded at 30 MPH but will do 12-15 MPH .
    Empty like not even their so I'm sure if my Honda clone will pull that much weight your real Honda engine will pull you fine
  6. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    We have done extensive testing on a variety of 4 stroke motors. The HS 142 is slightly faster on top end than the Honda, however the Honda has more low and mid rage torque. Torque is the force that moves the bike, not HP. Of course you do need HP to make it all work.

    Sadly, the choice of workable drive systems is limited. There are 3 American Companies that make GOOD drive systems, Stanton, GeBe [not Grubee], and EZM. The EZM Q-Matic was designed for use on the Honda GXH50 and the HS 142 motors, and has now become a popular choice for the larger 4 stroke motors from Harbor Freight. Q-Matic and Q-Matic Pacesetter drives use an automotive wedge belt [normally good for 50,000 miles] in the primary and only spin the Max-Torque clutch at approx 1/3 motor speed for maximum power transfer. We designed the drive so replacement parts could be purchased from many different sources if needed [Ace Hardware, NAPA, Grainger, etc, etc.].

    In conclusion...........Both the Honda and HS motors will supply enough power if used with the correct drive system. We just tested a stock motor [new, not broke-in] and managed to hit 41.5 MPH on the DYNO with stock drive ratios.

    Have fun,
  7. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    The engine is 35% of it and the drive system is 65% of it. The three companies Lee recommends are the same ones I tell people to use. I personally use Staton Inc but do like the other two as well. My engine is a Robin Subaru EHO 35 at 1.6 HP. I live in Tennessee and weigh 250 lbs. My bike is the only gas powered bicycle in the world which shifts 5 gears automatically.
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  8. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    My opinion the Honda gx50 is the best legal motor you can get for a MAB, HS 49cc comes in second. I don't even ride my Honda 35 anymore it just sits because the Honda 50 pulls so much better.