Honda gx 35 mounted with crankshaft vertically.Will it be a problem?

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    Hi, read a reply from 'Old Bob' about honda gx engines....and trust his/your knowledge.... so was wondering if he/you can help or confirm to me that what i am gonna do will work.
    I also remember other members who have worked professionally on those engines and greatly respect their expert opinion also, but can't remember who they are and it would take me too long to find their names right now, but would also greatly appreciate their opinion on the following subject:

    I am gonna mount a gx 35 in my new frame and it will be mounted with the crankshaft not horizontal but just about vertical and i was wondering if the oil supply will be ok.
    I know that those engines can run in any position because of the 'oil pick up wheel' (and carburator) BUT my one will run ALL THE TIME in that orientation so i am a bit worried that it might cause some problems in the long run.
    Cheers Bob and others.

    BTW. My present bike with a GX 31 has done 15000km and never let me down and i have given it a hard time (Sea level to 400m above.. weekly and to 800m every second week (with 3 speed hub/gearbox)).
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    Hmmm, well, I ran a GX 25 for about 1800 miles with the crankshaft nearly vertical with no problems. It was setup with a minitiller gearbox. Come to think of it, I saw a commercial minitiller using the gx35 running vertically too. Guess if it were me, I would vote go for it.

    PS: The reason I quit running it was the gearbox finally wore out. The engine is still running fine in another application.

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    At the small engine warehouse, they advertise the engine as being mounted either vertically or horizontally. And, if you download the owners manual from that site, IT shows the engine in both orientations.

    Their brochure says that it can "be used and stored in any position – upright, sideways, even upside down – for a full 360° of usability."

    about the only exception to this, is that you may need to tip the engine to the horizontal shaft position to check the oil...

    For what it's worth, the GX35 parts list only shows one gas tank variation.
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    Cheers mate, yes that gives me peace of mind that you actually did it for 1800 miles and not just that honda said it.
    While i did believe honda that the engine could be run crank/vertically and 'continuously' as such i wasn't 100% sure that they really mend: continuously as permanently mounted since most applications for the motor are for it to run mostly crankshaft/horizontally and only occasionally crankshaft/vertically.
    Awesome, thanks again.
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    Thanks, i am happy now. All good.
    And yes i can see it being a real pain in the bum to have to check the oil and refill it with the motor mounted like that.
    Maby not so much when the motor is new but ones it wears a bit and the oil needs to be checked more often, especially on the road.
    Then the bike needs to have the back wheel lifted quite a bit and the bike tilted to the right to give a horizontal position for the filler cap to make it easy enough to refill without spilling oil.
    But that is the least of my problem right now....
    Cheers again mate.
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    They will forever vertically on tillers.